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Student Environment Activism

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Spring 2014
ESPM 98/198
1-2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

This decal seeks to introduce students to environmental activism, to inspire involvement within the campus environmental community and the greater campus community, to build relationships, and to give students the tools and resources to create tangible change. This class will provide students who are already involved in the environmental community a chance to learn from one another, share resources, collaborate, and to inspire and empower each other to remain active in creating solutions to the environmental problems we learn about every day in our classes.

At the end of this course students will have an overall understanding of environmental activism, how to enhance their role in the environmental movement, and how to encourage others to do the same. This decal seeks to empower students to be leaders for issues they are passionate about and to discover their agency in their university education. This class will benefit students who, like myself, sometimes can’t help but feel discouraged about the state of society and the world. Over my last few years at CAL, my peers have been my greatest source of inspiration, and my hope is that this course will spread similar inspiration and motivation to other students who have the capacity to be incredible contributors to their communities.

The class will have a combination of speakers, workshop presenters, videos, assignments, storytelling, dialogue, and more. I aim to focus on establishing a horizontal democratic education space the first few weeks of the semester so that the participating students are integral in the experience they will take away from the class.

There will be preparation assignments each week that students will be encouraged to complete in order to be active participants in each class. There will be a few required projects and assignments throughout the semester, which I will develop over the winter break when I have time to gather more sources. See the syllabus for more information, and please email me if you have ideas or would like to lead a workshop in the class! I would like students to have the option of taking 1 or 2 units depending on what they need for their schedules. Regardless of the number of units a student chooses, attendance to class is required, except under emergency circumstances. Attendance and participation will be the main determinants of passing this class because collaborative learning spaces are most effective when people are present and  involved in discussions. We will discuss a concrete attendance policy during the first class.

How to Enroll:

Students must attend the first class in order to enroll. Email if you have questions, comments, or concerns.

Course Contact: esocserc AT

Website: Check out the Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC) at

Faculty Sponsor: Gordon Frankie

Time & Location:

Magnolia Barrett
20243 DwinelleM 4p-6p1/27started

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