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Principles of Project Management

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Fall 2006
UGBA 98/198/199
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Project Management is the business of managing one or more projects to accommodate and satisfy your employees, resources, and business. From organizing a college party to a multi-million dollar business program, project management gives you the tools and methodologies to Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control, and Close a project. Project Management is used in every business. The course’s material will be taken directly from the Project Management Institute’s (PMP) Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) along with a guest appearance from PMP certified Project Management Trainer. The Final Exam will be inspired from the test questions that are used in the Project Management Professional’s credential exam (PMP Certification).

This class is highly interactive with your fellow classmates and is fun to design, manage, and organize projects to your specifications. This is the 2nd time this course has been offered with tremendous success from the first semester. It has motivated people to think about a career in project management. If not a career, this class will prepare you for the workplace by allocating resources, workers, and time to complete your projects. By the end of this course, you will have firm grasp on the project management lifestyle and hopefully use project management in your everyday life.

How to Enroll:

Students must come to the first 2 classes. On the third class I will hand out the Class Enrollment Code (CEC) codes to which you can use the Course Control Number (CCN) code along with the CEC to enroll in the class.

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Faculty Sponsor: Ryan

Time & Location:

Course LectureRyan Rudnitsky
46C135 Cheit, Haas School of BusinessM 4-69/18started08998 (lower)
08923 (upper)

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