UC Policies

Uncle Ben lectures Peter Parker in Spiderman 1.

Uncle Ben lectures Peter Parker in Spiderman 1.

The university is giving you power over your fellow students’ grades – and as Uncle Ben told Peter Parker in Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility.” So here are all your responsibilities – make sure you read them, it’s your responsibility.

… and now, numerous other UC policies that have been issues in the past. Be aware of them so you can avoid all the headaches and problems associated with violating them:

  1. You can’t enroll in your own DeCal. One time, a facilitator insisted on enrolling in his own DeCal. He even petitioned his dean after the Registrar’s Office repeatedly removed his name from his class roster! Eventually, even the Vice Provost was alerted. To receive academic credits for facilitating a DeCal, please sign up for a separate independent studies course with your faculty sponsor, which is usually listed as a 99 or 199 course.
  2. You can’t charge a course fee without formal approval from the university – no forcing your students to “pitch-in,” none of it! The Course Materials Fee Committee requires that a fee request be made and approved under exceptional situations a year before the course is offered. Instead, have your students buy their course materials (readers, art supplies, cooking ingredients, plane tickets, etc.) directly from a vendor OR use the Electronic Enhancement Fund and have the ASUC pay for it.
  3. You cannot discriminate on the basis of gender, sexuality, race, disability, or religion. Refer to the Berkeley Campus Plan for Accommodating the Academic Needs of Students with Disabilities and accompanying FAQ’s.
  4. Have your students sign a waiver before going on a field trip, like the Group Waiver form or the Required Activities Waiver.
  5. You cannot accept gifts from your students. Especially no sexual favors! Infringement would constitute the university’s breach of academic contract with the students; the penalty may include expulsion from the university. Departments are committed to abide by university equal opportunity statures and will help settle disputes between the students and facilitators through the Berkeley Campus Student Grievance Procedure.
  6. You shouldn’t date your students. Common sense here, people.
  7. Be careful when making copies of copyrighted materials; refer to the Guidelines for the Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials for Teaching and Research to make sure it falls under Fair Use. If not, you can always just make a reader and have your students purchase it.
  8. Don’t let down your faculty sponsor and department! Always be classy. They put their trust in you.

And when all else fails, just use your common sense… or if that fails too, talk to your faculty sponsor about it. If anything ever goes horribly wrong, it’s your faculty sponsor / your department who’ll go up to bat for you. Keep them informed and in the loop.