Resources / Forms

By far your greatest resource (other than yours truly) is the Undergraduate Course Facilitator Training & Resources (UCFTR). They are trained, professional staff hired by the UC to help you. So use them! They can help you at any stage of the process: finding a sponsor, writing a syllabus, forming a lesson plan, dealing with student complaints, etc. (In fact, when we aren’t sure about something, we usually end up asking UCFTR.)

Here are some important forms and manuals you’ll need on your quest. They’re all PDFs, which means you’ll probably need a free PDF viewer installed like Adobe Reader.

Need help filling out these forms? Contact us.

  • Special Studies Course Proposal Form is the most important form ever printed in the history of forms – it is THE form that gets your DeCal started. You’ll need to print it out and get all the required signatures at the bottom – consult our Seven Steps on the whole process.
  • “Starting a DeCal” Manual (PDF) is a little outdated (from 2006) but it’s still chock full of helpful tips and advice.
  • “Schwag Packet” (PDF) is the big kahuna of DeCal manuals. It’s a little outdated from 2006 as well, but man – this thing is thick. Read this if you want to know everything.
  • Evaluations (pdf) (docx) provide valuable information for you and your faculty sponsor, so you can improve the structure or content of your course. Feel free to edit and tailor this Eval to your specific course. You can even add open ended questions to provide more input from your students.