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26 courses approved as of May 25, 2015 4:16PM PDT.

cs/fw denotes courses that are based around community service or field work.

DeCal Board Internship1-2TBAopen
Parkour: Intro to History & Practice of Parkour1TBA
Philosophy in Calvin and Hobbes1M 4p-5popen
Communicating Sustainability2W 6p-8popen
Operations, Marketing, and Strategy in the Civil Aviation Industry1-2M 7p-8:30popen
Surrealism: Dalí, Lorca & Buñuel1W 4p-5popen
Modern Assyrian Culture (MAC the DeCal)1-2Tu 6p-8popen
UGBA: Social Media Marketing & Networking2TBA
Video Games and You: The Player's Perspective1M 6:30p-8popen
Magic: The Art and Theory of Deception1TuTh 5:30p-7popen
House of Cards: Government, Media, and Politics1-2TBA
Quantum Consciousness2-3Th 5p-6popen
Tu 5p-7popen
Personal and Professional Development1TBA
The West Wing: Power, Principle, and Perspective in the American Political System2TBA
UC Hogwarts: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter2TBAopen
Game of Thrones: Alliances, Power, and Strategy1TBA
The Gory Details: Feminism & Slasher Films2M 6:30p-8popen
Intro to American Handball1-2TBA
Middle Eastern and Central Asian Dancing: Culture and Communal Dance Practice1M 5p-7popen
Zen Meditation2M 6p-8:30popen
Bollywood 101: Bringing Bollywood to Berkeley2TBA
Introduction to IDL for Astronomers2TBA
The Workshop: Interview Preparation and Job Success1TBA
Humanities and Social Science Publishing: The Berkeley Undergraduate Journal1W 6p-7popen
DULCE (Diabetes Awareness DeCal)2TBA
“The Buck Stops Here”: The Inner-Workings of the Presidency1TBA

26 courses found, when using the selected filters above.

cs/fw denotes courses that are based around community service or field work.