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Fighting to Learn, Learning to Fight

Fall 2014
Ethnic Studies
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About the Course:

BAMN, the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary, is leading the cutting-edge struggle for the defense of public education including the removal of Janet Napolitano as UC President.

Immigrant and minority students should not have to accept degradation, unequal treatment, and racist slurs as a condition of being on this campus. Women have a right to be on this campus without living under the constant threat of sexual harrassment, assualt and rape. We want a genuine public university that serves the needs of humanity, not corporate businesses, donors, and interests. We want a campus that is welcoming and feels like home to all of us. A place where we all have the freedom to be ourselves, to think, to explore our diverse interests and develop our talents to their fullest potential.

The only thing that can break the routine of false promises by the administration is mass resistance like the struggle in Ferguson, MO. The movement that UC Berkeley has been leading in defense of public education has been a vital part of the growing spirit of resistance we see exploding in various forms around the world -- from the movement of Central American youth to escape the unlivable conditions in their countries and seek asylum in the US, to the student struggles against austerity in Europe and South America, to the movements for real democracy and independence in Palestine and throughout the Middle East. It is not a lack of struggle that has held these movements back from achieving lasting change -- it is rather the failure to develop an organized, honest, optimistic, militant young leadership.

UC Berkeley is a prime location to develop such a leadership and the DeCal class is for people who want to make and change history.

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Section 1Bianca Huntley
30174 BarrowsM 5p-7p9/08started31126 (lower)
31327 (upper)

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