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198 courses approved as of November 19, 2017 6:20AM PST.

cs/fw denotes courses that are based around community service or field work.

DeCal Internship1-2TBAfull
Social Dialogues2Tu 6p-8pfull
James Bond: Politics, Pop Culture, Hero2W 5p-7pstarted
Constructing Female Identity in 20th Century Literature2Tu 5p-7pstarted
PACE: Prepare to Achieve a College Education cs/fw2Th 5p-7pstarted
The Politics of Piracy2M 5p-6:30pstarted
Bookworlds: Harry Potter & The Chamber of Analysis2Tu 5p-7popen
Taiwanese Language DeCal1-2TuTh 5p-6:30pstarted
MW 5p-6:30pfull
TuTh 5p-6:30pfull
MW 5p-6:30pstarted
Cal in the Capital2TBA
We are who we eat: Living in an undead world..with ZOMBIES!!2Th 5p-7pfull
The Music Video2W 5p-7pfull
Entrepreneurship Crash Course: An Introduction to Entrepreneurship (This class is full)2TBA
Food Sustainability Journalism2Tu 6p-8pfull
Human Rights and Education2Tu 7p-9pstarted
Chamber Music for Fun2TBAfull
The Long and Winding Road: The History of the Beatles2TuTh 5:30p-7:30pstarted
Come Out and Play: Playing Games Outside1TuTh 2p-3pfull
Creative Writing Through Hayao Miyazaki's Vision2Th 5p-7pfull
Berkeley Poetry Review: Publishing and Poetry2M 6p-8pstarted
Battery Technologies and Markets2TuTh 12:30p-2pstarted
Technological Possibilities for Alternative Cinemas: The Internet as an Emergent Converging Medium2W 5p-7pstarted
W 5p-7pstarted
Statistical Analysis on the Physics GRE2MW 5p-6pfull
Teach in Prison cs/fw2M 5p-7pstarted
Berkeley Fiction Review: Small Press Publishing1-2M 5:30p-7pfull
Human Anatomy for Artists3F 4p-6pfull
Mizrahi Music and the Construction of Israeli National Culture1Tu 5p-6:30pstarted
Intro to Chess2W 6p-8pfull
Disturbance Ecology1Tu 2p-3:30pstarted
Jewish Social Justice: Theory and Practice2Th 4p-6pstarted
Conversational English for International Students2Tu 5p-7pfull
The Gamer Condition2M 6:30p-8:30pfull
Integrative Medicine2M 7p-9pstarted
Art Decal: Introduction to Creative Thought2W 5p-7pfull
Create Education Initiatives in Afghanistan cs/fw2Tu 6p-8pstarted
Latex for Math & Science1M 4p-6pstarted
Tu 4p-6pstarted
Oral and Dental Health1W 6p-7pstarted
Reinterpreting Genre through Japanese Film2M 5p-8pstarted
Focus on Photography2TBA
HIV/AIDS in Africa2Th 5:30p-7:30pstarted
Introduction to Magic: The Gathering -> Tues. 4-5:30pm starting Jan 26th!!!1TBA
The Life & Legacy of Tupac Amaru Shakur2M 4p-6pfull
History of Middle-earth2M 6p-8pfull
CalStar Yoga cs/fw2F 1p-4pfull
Relay For Life: Leaders of Hope cs/fw1W 7p-8pstarted
Beginning Chinese Dance2Th 7p-9pstarted
Star Wars Galaxy2Tu 5p-7pfull
Tobacco: A general survey of historical and contemporary issues2Tu 5p-7pfull
Let's Talk About Sex: A Global Perspective1W 6p-8pfull
Female Sexuality3TuTh 6p-8pstarted
MW 7p-9pstarted
TuTh 5p-7pstarted
TuTh 7p-9pstarted
Corporate Globalization2Tu 6p-8pstarted
Introduction to Organic Gardening1TBA
Cal in Local Government2TBA
The Iraq War: Beyong the Political, Onto the Personal2Th 5:30p-7:30pstarted
Philosophy of Animal Rights & Vegetarianism2W 5p-7pstarted
Free to Choose: The Milton Friedman DeCal1M 6p-8pstarted
Christian Love in Theory and Literature1Th 5p-6:30pfull
Swing Cal: Learn to Swing Dance1Tu 6p-8pfull
Tu 6p-8pfull
Quantitative Trading2F 2p-4pstarted
Global Citizenship & Activism in the 21st Century2M 6p-8pstarted
Maganda Magazine: Expression & Representation through Publication2Tu 6p-8pstarted
Actuarial Exam 1/P Prep Course2Tu 4p-6pfull
Introduction to Commercial Journalism -- by Caliber Magazine1M 7p-8pstarted
The Biological Perspective1M 6p-7pstarted
Archery DeCal2TBAfull
Learn to Solve the Rubik's Cube/Speedcubing!2Th 5p-6pstarted
Th 4p-5pstarted
Iranian Music: The Daf1Tu 6p-8pstarted
Internet Marketing2Tu 4p-6pfull
The Body Positive at Berkeley1M 6p-8pstarted
History, Culture and Practice of SALSA DANCE1M 7p-9pfull
Affordable Housing Issues cs/fw1Tu 2p-3:30pstarted
Teach the Bay : Become an SAT Teacher2M 6p-8pstarted
American Politics Presented Through Film2Th 5p-8pfull
Batman as American Mythology2MW 5p-6pstarted
Asian Film Studies2W 5:30p-7:30pfull
Introduction to Investment Banking2Sat 10am-12pmstarted
From the Microscope to Your Plate: The Science of Dessert Making1W 6p-8pfull
Psychology Publications Workshop1W 6p-8pstarted
The Middle Ages as Portrayed in Film2Tu 6p-8pstarted
API Mythbusters2Th 5p-7pstarted
Chemistry of Cooking2Th 6p-7:30pfull
Sufi Meditation (Tamarkoz): Journey from Mind to Heart1-2TBA
The Legacy of Hurricane Katrina2M 6p-8pstarted
Conflicts in the Middle East2M 6p-8pstarted
Israeli Folk Dancing - Beginner1-2Tu 6:30p-8pstarted
Israeli Folk Dancing - Advanced1-2Tu 5p-6:30pstarted
Chinese for Restaurants2Thurs 5-7pmfull
Learn How to Play the Sather Tower Bells: Carillon Study1W 7p-8pfull
Introduction to Wall Street2W 6p-8pstarted
Modern French Cinema: Reconciling a National Identity1Tu 5p-7pstarted
Wheelchair Basketball1F 9a-noonstarted
Creative Thinking2Tu 5p-7pstarted
Breaking: The Birth Child OF Hip Hop1MW 5p-6:30pstarted
Social Entrepreneurship2M 7p-9pstarted
East Africa: Public Health Perspectives2W 6p-8pstarted
The IDL Way: An Introduction to Computer Programming for Astronomers1-2Tue 7-8, Thu 6-7started
Judaism 1012Th 6:30p-8:30pstarted
Film for Thought: A Survey of American Documentary Film and its Role as a Tool for Social Change and Advocacy2M 8p-10pfull
Energy DeCal2Th 3:30p-5pstarted
Literature & Film of the Undead2Tu 6:30p-8:30pstarted
Bookworlds: An Introduction to Wheel of Time1-2Tu 5p-7pstarted
Burmese Politics: Paths to Democracy (Limited seats available)2M 6p-8pstarted
M 6p-8pstarted
Web Design: Basic to Advanced Techniques1Tu 7p-8pfull
Stem Cells: Science and Society2W noon-1pfull
W 6p-7pfull
Th 5p-6pfull
F 10a-11afull
M 6p-7pfull
Folk Music1Th 4p-5:30pstarted
Applied Optometry1TBA
Masculinities DeCal2TBA
France: Victory in the Second World War?2Tu 6p-8pstarted
Video Games as an Artistic Medium: The Language of Games2TBA
Introduction to American Sign Language2W 5p-7pfull
Th 5p-7pfull
Invisible Killers: Infectious Diseases in Developing Countries2W 6p-8pstarted
Glorious Victorious: Cal's Achievements2M 5p-6:30pstarted
Spanish Around the World2Tu 5p-6:30pfull
Bolivia's Transformation: A De-Colonial Shift1W 6p-7pfull
W 6p-7pfull
W 6p-7pfull
Fight Club2TBA
The Sociology of Seinfeld2M 5p-7pstarted
Introduction to Leadership and Organizational Dynamics2Th 4p-6pstarted
Law School 1012W 5p-7pstarted
Shanghainese DeCal1-2MW 5p-6:30pfull
DJ DeCal1Tu 7p-9pstarted
ChemE Car DeCal2M 5p-6pstarted
The Modern Slave Trade2M 4p-6pstarted
Sustainable Development in Rural Guatemala - Turning Plans into Actions2M 4p-6pstarted
Teaching Mad Science cs/fw2-3MW 6p-7:30pstarted
TuTh 6p-7:30pstarted
Producing Popular Music with Garageband1W 6p-7pfull
Introduction to Chinese Cinema2Th 6p-9pfull
Bellydance1TuTh 6:30p-8pfull
PreMed 1011W 5p-7pstarted
"Dumbbell to Smartbell"-- The Sound Body DeCal cs/fw1W 5:30p-6:30pstarted
Berkeley in the Global Food System cs/fw3TuTh 5p-7pstarted
Dynamics of Beirut2Th 7p-9pfull
Students for Nutritional Advocacy and Community Wellness2Th 6p-8pstarted
Interpretations of Nas' Illmatic1Tu 5p-7pstarted
The Current Crises of Global Health1W 6p-7pstarted
Digital Photography Decal1-2Tu 5p-6pfull
Tu 6p-7pfull
Th 5p-6:30pfull
Religion and Culture: The Sikh Experience1-3Tu 6:30p-8:30pstarted
Joy of Garbage2M 6p-8pfull
Meditation, Mysticism, and the Mind1-3M 6p-8pstarted
Beginner's Scrabble2M 5p-7pfull
Philosophical Paradoxes2Th 6p-7:30pstarted
Israel and Jewish American Identity1-2W 6p-8pstarted
Diseases around the Globe1-2W 6p-7pstarted
Greek Folk Dancing1W 5p-7pstarted
Identity, Goal-Achievement, and Personal Development - THIS CLASS IS FULL2Tu 6p-8pstarted
Language Access Program De-Cal2M 5p-6popen
Life 101 from a Jewish Perspective2Tu 4p-6pstarted
UCBUGG: University of California, Berkeley Undergraduate Graphics Group3Tu 5p-7pfull
W 4p-6pfull
Issues Berkeley Medical Journal1Mon 6-7pmstarted
Sports Medicine DeCal2W 5p-7pfull
Spanish for Future Doctors1Th 5p-6:30pstarted
Berkeley Engineers and Mentors (BEAM) - High School Section (HSS)2M 7p-8popen
Berkeley Engineers and Mentors (BEAM) - Elementary School Section (ESS)2M 7p-8popen
Hip Hop History and Activism2Tu 5p-6:30pfull
Hands on Practical Electronics1Tu 6p-8pstarted
Whiskey: Its History and Culture2M 5p-8pfull
{design.}2Th 5p-7pstarted
Knitting 1012Th 5p-7pfull
Tu 5p-7pfull
Intro to Writing for a Political Magazine2Tu 6p-7:30pstarted
The Triple Helix: A Journal of Science, Society, and Law2M 6p-8pstarted
Anthropological Practicum: Controlling Processes cs/fw2Tu 5p-7pstarted
The CalTV DeCal2Tu 8p-9pfull
Craft of Facilitating cs/fw2-3W 3p-5pstarted
Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP)2-3Tu 6:30p-8:30pstarted
Chinese Music: Learn to Play the Erhu1Tu 5p-7pfull
Th 5p-7pstarted
HIKE. Health Information in Kids Education cs/fw2W 1p-3pstarted
Beginning and Intermediate System Administration2M 6p-8pstarted
M 6p-8pstarted
Stem Cells: Outreach & Education cs/fw1W 6p-8pstarted
Issues and Trends of Business in China2W 6p-8pstarted
hardboiled: APA Journalism cs/fw1-2W 7p-8:30pstarted
Reading Comics2M 6p-8pfull
Exploring Vision Science1Th 5p-6pfull
Breaking Down Borders: Korea2Tu 6p-8pstarted
A Songwriter's Guide: The Theory of Popular Music1M 5p-6:30pstarted
Diverse Histories of Education in California2MW 6p-8pstarted
Nietzsche's Hammer2F 2p-4pfull
SSPC Peer Counseling2M 5p-7pfull
Pilipino Film Studies2Th 5p-7pfull
Roosevelt Institute: Big Ideas in Public Policy2Tu 6p-8pstarted
Bear Necessities of Research1W 4p-5:30pstarted
Introduction to Wine1W 5:30p-7pfull
Jade Ribbon Campaign cs/fw2Th 5p-6:30pstarted
Microfinance1W 6p-7pstarted
Pilipino Caricatures: Critiques and Creative Representations of Cultural Survival in "in-between spaces"2-3M 4p-6:30pstarted
Meet with Modern Art2TBAstarted
Introduction to News Journalism2TBA
In-Depth Reporting2TBA
Practical Criticism and Reporting the Arts2TBA
Introduction to Pungmul 2: Samulnori1-2W 7:30p-9:30pfull
Digital vs. Manual: An Intro to Photoshop & Lomography2W 4p-6pstarted
Haifeng Chinese Magazine1-2W 6p-8pstarted
Strawberry Creek Restoration cs/fw1Tu 4p-5pstarted
How Toxic Chemicals Affect Human Health and Our Environment2W 2p-4pstarted
Topics in Sexual Health2M 6p-8pfull
W 6p-8pfull
Cal Concrete Canoe DeCal2M 5p-6pstarted
D.U.L.C.E.: Diabetes Unidos Lograremos Controlar esta Enfermedad2Tu 4p-6pstarted
Actuarial Finance2Th 6p-8pstarted
Engineering Frontiers in Developing Countries2Tu 5p-7pstarted
Advanced Scrabble2Th 5p-7pfull
Peace Corps cs/fw1W 7p-8:30pstarted

198 courses found, when using the selected filters above.

cs/fw denotes courses that are based around community service or field work.