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155 courses approved as of November 19, 2017 8:05AM PST.

cs/fw denotes courses that are based around community service or field work.

James Bond: Politics, Pop Culture, Hero2Thursday 5-7pmfull
Teach in Prison cs/fw2W 4-6full
Constructing Female Identity through 20th Century Literature2W: 5:30-7:30full
Quantitative Trading2M 4-6pmfull
Chinese Music: Learn to Play the Erhu1W 4:00-6:00full
M 4:30-6:00full
Come Out and Play: Designing and Playing Games Outside1TuTh 2-3full
Berkeley Fiction Review: Small Press Publishing1-2Tu 5:30-7full
The Long and Winding Road: The History of the Beatles2TTh 4-5:30full
UCBUGG: UC Berkeley Undegraduate Graphics Group2W 5:30-7:30full
Introduction to Chess2W 6:00-8:00full
Video Game Level Design1W 4-5:30full
Malcolm X: In His Own Words (1959-1965)2Thursdays 5-7pmfull
Everyday Hindi2MW 5-6started
DeCal Internship1-2TTh 5-6full
The Music Video2W 5-7Pfull
Combinatorial Puzzles and Games2TBA
Iranian Percussion: The Daf1W 6-8 PMstarted
Bookworlds: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Analysis2M 5:30-7:30full
The Lyrics and Music of Bob Dylan: Putting the Songs in Their Literary, Political, Social, and Cultural Contexts2W 6-8started
Beginner's Scrabble: Strategy, Knowledge, and Fun2W 5-7full
Contemporary Pilipino Cultural Dance: Performance and Issues Through Dance1F 10a-1popen
The Demystification of Alcohol2Wed 4-6pmfull
Bookworlds: The Ways of Magic2W 5-7:00full
Introduction to Wall Street2W 6-8pmfull
Jade Ribbon Campaign DeCal cs/fw2Th 12:30-2 PMopen
{design.}2Thursday 6-8pmfull
Th 5p-7pstarted
Logging Sports: The Art of Cutting Trees2M 5-7started
Premed 1012W 5-7pmstarted
Affordable Housing Issues cs/fw1W 4-5:30pmstarted
Methods in LabVIEW Programming2TBA
Affirming Community Through Art2M 7-9full
The Joy of Garbage2Tu 6-8full
CalStar Yoga cs/fw2F 1:00-4:00full
The CalTV DeCal2TBA
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Workshop2M 5-7full
Advanced Scrabble: Strategy, Tournament, and Fun2Thursday 5-7 Pfull
The Life and Legacy of Tupac Amaru Shakur2Monday 4-6full
Video Games as Art2Tu 6:00 - 8:00started
Race, Education, and Homosexuality2Tuesday 5-7PMstarted
Nonprofits and Social Causes in the Americas1Th 6:30-7:30started
Success & Stress, Enlightenment & Apathy1M 5-7started
ChemE Car DeCal2-3M 5-7started
P'ungmul I: Introduction to Korean Drumming cs/fw1-2W 7:30-9 PMfull
Population and the Millenium Development Goals2Wed 6-8 pmstarted
Bookworlds: Hitchhiking the Galaxy with Douglas Adams2W 5-7full
Big Ideas on the Progressive Public Policy Landscape2W 6-8started
Finding Your Voice: Creative Writing2Tu 6-8pfull
Iran: 30 Years of Revolution2M 6-8full
The Iraq War: Beyond the Political, Onto the Personal2Th 5:30-7:30full
Greek Folk Dancing1W 5-7started
Water2M 6-8full
The West Wing and Contemporary Politics2Th 5-7pmstarted
Thelema: Aleister Crowley's Psycho-Spiritual Philosophy for a New Aeon2W 6-7:30 pmstarted
Introduction to Chinese Cinema2Wednesday 6-9pmfull
France: Victory in the Second World War?2Tu 6-8 P.M.started
The Music, Lyrics, and Art of Radiohead2TBA
Bolivia! Service Learning Trip cs/fw2TBA
Berkeley Engineers and Mentors (BEAM) - Elementary cs/fw2Mon. 7-8pmstarted
Mon. 7-8pmstarted
Batman as American Mythology2MW 4-5PMfull
Anime for Beginners2Tu 7-9full
SwingCal: Learn to Swing Dance1Tu 6-8pfull
Tu 6-8pfull
The Undergraduate Colloquium1Tu 4-5:30PMstarted
Conflicts in the Middle East2M 6 - 8pmstarted
Teach the Bay: Become an SAT teacher cs/fw1-2M 6-8started
The Sound Body Weightlifting DeCal cs/fw1Tuesdays 5-6started
Current Crises in Global Health: From Infectious Disease to Maternal Health1TBA
The Chemistry of Cooking2Tu 6-7full
Invisible Killers: Infectious Diseases in Developing Countries2W 6-8full
Introduction to Leadership and Organizational Dynamics2Tu 4:00-6:00pmstarted
Philosophy of Animal Rights & Vegetarianism2Tu 5:30-7:00started
Brigadas: Improving Health in Central America2Tu 5:30-7:30open
Elementary Mongolian Language2MW 6:30-7:30 PMstarted
Energy DeCal2Th 2p-3:30pstarted
U.C. and The Bomb: Have you learned to stop worrying?2M 4:00-6:00full
Wheelchair Basketball1F 9-12started
Taiwanese Language DeCal1-2TuTh 5:00-6:30started
MW 5:00-6:30full
TuTh 5:00-6:30full
MW 5:00-6:30started
Chamber Music for Fun2TBA
MADskillz: intro to making and doing1Tuesdays 7-9full
Stem Cells: Outreach and Education cs/fw1Th 6-8 PMstarted
Cal Spirit and Traditions2Mondays, 5-6:30pmfull
Jewish Medical Ethics1Thurs 4-6started
Booksworlds: Ender's Shadow on Earth2Monday 6-8started
Novelling Workshop2M 5-7full
The Modern Slave Trade2M 5-7full
Craft of Facilitating cs/fw2-3Wed 3-5full
Daily Cal DeCal: In-Depth Reporting2TBA
Daily Cal DeCal: Intro to News Journalism2M 7-9 p.m.started
Language Access Program DeCal cs/fw2Mondays from 6pm-7pmfull
Impact Evaluation for Global Development2Tu 5-7started
Stem Cells: Science and Society2F 10-11 Afull
W 6-7 Pfull
Th 1-2 Pfull
Th 5-6 Pfull
M 6-7 Pfull
Israeli Folk Dance - Beginners1-2Tu 6:30-8:30started
Israeli Folk Dance - Advanced1-2Tu 5-6:30started
Daily Cal DeCal: Practical Criticism and Reporting the Arts2Th 7-9started
Th 7-9started
Applied Optometry1Tu 5-6 PMstarted
Art DeCal: Introduction to Creative Thought2W 5-7full
Cantonese DeCal2MW 5:00-6:30full
TuTh 5-6:30full
TuTh 5-6:30started
D.U.L.C.E.: Diabetes Unidos Lograremos Controlar esta Enfermedad2Tu 4p-6pstarted
Female Sexuality3TuTh 6-8started
MW 5-7full
TuTh 7-9started
MW 7-9full
Sustainable Development in Rural Areas - Health, Education, and Applied Technologies2W 5-7started
Actuarial Exam 1/P Prep Course2Tu 4-6started
Whiskey: Its History, Culture, and Appreciation2M 5-8full
Producing Popular Music with Garageband1Wed 6-8 pmfull
UNICEF: Awareness of Children in the Developing World1W 6-7pstarted
hardboiled: apa journalism cs/fw1-2W 6:00-7:30started
The Triple Helix: A Journal of Science, Society, and Law1Th 5-7started
History, Culture, and Practice of SALSA DANCE1M 7:00-9:00pmfull
Teaching Mad Science! cs/fw2-3M 6-7:30, W 4-6started
Tu 6-7:30, Th 4-6started
Intro to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture2Thursday 5-7full
Ireland: A History of "The Troubles" in Film2Tuesdays 5-7started
Latex for Math & Science1Mon 4-6full
Superman as American Mythology2MW 5:30-6:30started
X-Men: Icon of an Evolving Political Culture2TuTh 5:00-6:00started
US-China-Taiwan Relations1Th 5:30-6:30started
Nightlife & Entertainment Venue Entrepreneurship2Th 6-8full
International Tourism: An exploration of travel writing, travel documentaries, and anthropological theory2Mon 4-6started
Cal Concrete Canoe Competition Team2M 4-5pmfull
Technical Skills and Leadership1Tu 6-7started
The Biological Perspective1M 6-7started
The 5 Divisons of Molecular and Cell Biology1Tu 4-5started
Practicum in Controlling Processes cs/fw2Tu 5-7pmstarted
Berkeley Engineering: The Survival Guide1Tu 2-3full
Th 4-5full
Tu 5-6started
W 2-3open
W 3-4open
W 4-5open
Th 2-3full
Th 3-4full
Th 4-5open
Th 4-5open
Topics in Sexual Health2W 5-7full
Issues: Berkeley Medical Journal2M 6-8PMstarted
Digital vs Manual: An Intro to Photoshop & Lomography2Tu 5-7PMfull
Haifeng Chinese Magazine1-2M 6-8started
The Politics of Piracy1Tu 5-6:30started
Chinese for Restaurants2Th 5-7full
Spanish for Future Doctors1Tu Time 5-6:30full
Digital Photography Decal, Intro to Photojournalism1-3Monday night TBAstarted
M 7-8started
Monday night TBAstarted
Bolivia's Transformation: A Decolonial Shift1Wed. 6-7started
Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP) cs/fw2-3Th 5-7full
Actuarial Finance (Exam 2/FM) Prep Course2W 4-6pfull
Religion and Theory: India, Violence, and Conceptualizing Religion2Mondays, 6-8 PMstarted
Breaking Down Borders: Korea2M 6:00 - 8:00started
Prose and Poetry Workshop1-2W 7-8:30started
HIKE Health Information for Kids Education cs/fw2W 1-3started
Microfinance DeCal1Tu 5-6pmstarted
Carl Sagan: Works and Visions2MW 5-6:30started
The Sociology of Seinfeld2M 5:00-7:00started
International Sustainable Development in Nicaragua cs/fw1TBA
BroCal: A Rhetorical Examination of the 'Bro'2TuTh 6:30-8PMstarted
East Asian Games (Mahjong)2W 5:00-7:00full
Game Theory, with applications to Starcraft2TBA
Social Dialogues2Tu 6-8full
Engineering Frontiers in Developing Countries2Tu 5-7pmfull
Entrepreneurship Crash Course: Starting a Business2M 5:00-6:30PMstarted
Beginning Chinese Dance2TBA
Evolution and Disease1Tu 11-12:30started
The Sage Mentorship Project1-2TBA
Learn How to Solve the Rubik's Cube2Th 4-5full
Conversational Spanish2M 4:00-5:30started
W 4:00-5:30open
PACE: Prepare to Achieve a College Education cs/fw2Thursday 5pmstarted
Reading Comics2TBA
test course1TBA

155 courses found, when using the selected filters above.

cs/fw denotes courses that are based around community service or field work.