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161 courses approved as of November 20, 2017 1:22AM PST.

cs/fw denotes courses that are based around community service or field work.

DeCal Internship1-2TuTh 5-6full
Craft of Facilitating2-3Wed 3-5 pmfull
'Sex and the City' and the Contemporary Woman2M 5:30-7:30full
Come Out and Play: Playing Games Outside1TuTh 3-4full
Outdoor Survival, Education, Athletics, and Solutions2M 12n-2pmfull
Chinese Music: Learn to Play the Erhu1Tu 5-7full
Intro to Chess2W 6-8 pmfull
Bookworlds: Introduction to Mythological Creatures - Here There Be Dragons2Monday, 5-7pmfull
The Ethics of Star Trek2Tu 6-8full
East Asian Games: Mahjong2W 5:30-7:30full
Alternate Realities: An Intro to Philip K. Dick2Tues. 5-7started
Mizrahi Music and the Construction of Israeli National Culture1Tu 5-6:30started
Hayao Miyazaki & the Contemporary World2M 6-8 Pfull
Taiwanese Language Decal1-2TuTh 5-6:30started
MW 5-6:30full
TuTh 5-6:30full
TuTh 5-6:30full
Thelema: Aleister Crowley's Psycho-spiritual Philosophy for a New Aeon1-2Thursday 5-6:30started
Firefly: Get Versed in the 'Verse2Tu 5-7full
James Bond: Politics, Pop Culture, Hero2W 5-7full
I Keeps it Real: Race Relations in Chappelle's Show2TBA
Novelling Workshop2W 6-8started
The Philosophy of Calvin and Hobbes2Th 6-8full
Teach in Prison cs/fw2Tue., 4-6started
Topics in Sexual Health2W 5-7started
Perform and Produce Hippolytus-- Greek Tragedy (Theater)1TBA
Human Rights and Education3T 5:30open
The Music Video2Tu 5-7started
Berkeley Fiction Review: Small PRess Publishing1-2Tu 5:30-7started
Archery2Friday 8:00-10:00 PMstarted
Sunday 1:00-3:00 PMstarted
Introduction to Sikhi1-3Tuesdays 6PM to 8PMopen
Berkeley Poetry Review: Publishing & Poetry2M 6-8full
Mythical Thought2Wednesday, 5-6:30pmfull
Stem Cells: Science and Society2W 10-11amopen
Th 10-11amopen
Th 5-6pmopen
F 12-1pmopen
M 6-7pmstarted
Cal in Local Government Internship Program cs/fw2TBA
The Music, Art, and Lyrics of Radiohead2M 7-9PMfull
Combinatorial Puzzles: Strategy and Mathematical Reasoning1TuTh 5-6started
Second Life DeCal3W 4-6full
Invisible Killers: Infectious Diseases in Developing Countries2W 6-8full
Accumulating Wealth: Small Business Start-Up and Financial Independence2Th 4-6started
Introduction to Invasive Species Biology and Management cs/fw2Tu 5-7started
From Muskets to Machine Guns: A Historic Depiction of American Wars in Popular Films27:30-9:30pmstarted
Brigadas: Improving Health in Central America2Tu 6-8pmstarted
Undergraduate Graduate Mentorship Program1TBA
The Finer Heinous Things Club: Supernatural and Occult Lit of the 19th to mid-20th Century1W 5-7started
The Book Was Better: Book to Film Adaptations2Wed 5-7full
Issues: Berkeley Medical Journal2M 6:00-8:00started
Maganda Magazine: Expression & Representation Through Publication2Tu 6-8pmstarted
World Religions: The Top Ten2Mondays 6-8 PMfull
Integrative Medicine2M 7-9PMstarted
Greek Folk Dancing1Th 5-7started
French North Africa2Tu 5-7full
The Biological Perspective1M 6-7open
The Life and Legacy of Tupac Amaru Shakur2Mon 5-7started
Israeli Folk Dance - Advanced1-2Tu 5-6:30started
Israeli Folk Dance - Beginners1-2Tu 6:30-8started
Art as a Form of Resistance in Asian and Pacific Islander Communities2Th 6-8pmstarted
The Daily Cal DeCal: Intro to Photojournalism2W 6:30-8:30full
Conflicts in the Middle East2M: 6-8pmstarted
Cal From An Immigrant Perspective cs/fw1Th 6-7started
Batman as American Mythology2TuTh 4-5started
Introduction to Financial Investment2Tu 7-9full
An Introduction to Leadership and Organizational Dynamics2Wednesdays 4-6pmstarted
Iran: 29 Years of Revolution2Th 6:30-8:30started
Affordable Housing Issues cs/fw1Th 5-6:30started
Amusing Ourselves to Death: The Desensitizing Effects of the Media1M 5:30-7:00pmfull
Learn How to Play the Sather Tower Bells - Carillon Study1W 7-8full
Jade Ribbon Campaign DeCal cs/fw2Tu 2-3:30 PMstarted
Cal in the Capital2Thursday 5-7started
Berkeley Engineers and Mentors cs/fw2M 6-7 PMstarted
M TBAopen
Chamber Music for Fun27-8pmfull
The Joy of Garbage2-3M 5-7full
Nightlife and Entertainment Venue Entrepreneurship2Th 6-8full
Fight Club2W: 5-7started
Public Speaking in The Total Speech Situation: Winning Friends and Influencing People2Mondays 5-7pmstarted
W 4-6started
Carl Sagan: Works and Visions2TuTh 5:00-6:30started
Focus on Photography2W 4-6PMfull
Chinese for Restaurants2Th 5-7full
Bear Necessities of Research1M 4-5:30started
Sophisticated Humor? The Societal Implications of Sacha Baron Cohen's Work2Tues 5-6:30started
Actuarial Exam 1/P Prep Course2Tuesday 4-6started
The Modern Slave Trade2W 6-8PMstarted
Relay for Life: Leaders of Hope cs/fw1W 7-8pmstarted
Chinese Cinema DECal2W 6-9started
Downstage Left: Creating Sketch Comedy with Improvisation1TuTh 5-6full
Think Progressive cs/fw2W 6-8started
Summer Bridge Course2Tuesday, 2-4pmstarted
Bob Marley and Rastafarianism2M 6-8pmstarted
Th 6-8pmstarted
SwingCal: Learn to Swing Dance1Tu 630-830full
Tu 630-830full
The Triple Helix - A Journal of Science, Society and Law1Tu 5-7started
Tu 5-7open
Teach the Bay: Become an SAT teacher! cs/fw1-2Mon 6-8full
The Digital Photo DeCal: The Photon Menace!2Tu 6-8?started
Th 6-8started
Art Decal: Introduction to Creative Thought2W 5-7:30full
The Daily Cal DeCal: Practical Criticism and Reporting the Arts2Th 5-7started
Students for Nutritional Advocacy and Community Wellness1Thursday 6-7started
CALSTAR Yoga cs/fw2Friday 1-4 pmstarted
Cormac McCarthy, the Coen Brothers, and the Neo-Western2Tu: 6-830started
Intro to Handball1MW 2:00-3:00started
MW 3:00-4:00started
U.S.-China-Taiwan Relations1Tue 5-6started
The Legacy of Hurricane Katrina2W 6-8full
The Politics of Piracy1Tu 5-6:30open
Education for Sustainable Living Program cs/fw2-3W 5-7started
Energy Decal2Tu 12:30-2PMstarted
Intro to American Sign Language Linguistics and Deaf Culture2Th 5-7full
MADskillz: Intro to Making and Doing1TBA
Macintosh Student Developers for OS X (MSDOSX)2Tu 530-730Pstarted
UNICEF DeCal: Awareness of Children in the Developing World cs/fw1Wednesday 6-8pmstarted
Science Fiction/Fantasy Writing Workshop2M 5-7open
Teaching Mad Science cs/fw2-3M 6-7:30, W 4-6started
T 6-7:30, Th 4-6started
Judaism 1012Th 4-6started
LaTex for Math and Science1M 4:00-6:00started
Conservation Photography2W 5-7pmstarted
Education for Democratization2M 5:30-7:30full
Bookworlds: History of Middle Earth2Th 5-7started
Perspectives on Genocide2T 5-7started
Dances of the Middle East:: Hizz ya Wizz!1W 6-8started
Haifeng Chinese Magazine DeCal1-2Tu5:30-7:30started
Advanced Scrabble: Strategy, Competition, and Fun2Th 5-7started
Female Sexuality3MW 5-7full
MW 7-9full
TuTh 5-7full
TuTh 6-8full
TuTh 7-9full
Kierkegaard: An Introduction2Tu 6-8started
Sustainability, Herbal Medicine, and Preventive Health Care1W 5-7full
Malcolm X in his own words, 1959-1965: Theory and praxis in the speeches of an organic intellectual2Tu 5-7full
Cantonese DeCal1-2M W 5:15 - 6:30full
M W 5:15 - 6:30full
T Th 5:15 - 6:30full
M W 5:15 - 6:30full
T Th 5:15 - 6:30full
The CalTV DeCalTBA
Global Citizens, Transformative Power, and Avenues to Peace cs/fw2Tu 5-7started
The Daily Cal DeCal: Intro to Newspaper Journalism2W 6-8open
Premed 1011.5W 6-7:30started
Wheelchair Basketball1F 9-10:30amstarted
F 10:30-12pmstarted
Controlling Processes Practicum cs/fw2Tu 5-7pmstarted
Engineering Frontiers in Developing Countries2Th 6-8 pmstarted
Beginner's Scrabble: Strategy, Knowledge, and Fun2W 5-7started
Actuarial Finance (Exam 2/FM)2Thursday 6-8pmstarted
Meditation, Mysticism, and the Mind1-3Tu 6:30-8:30started
cs/fw1-2W 7:30-10:00started
CopWatch: Police Accountability in Action cs/fw2M 6-7:30pstarted
Bookworlds: Through Mirrors, Cracks & Tunnels to Walk with Gods: The Works of Neil Gaiman2Tues. 5-7full
Beginning Chinese Dance2M 5:30-7:30started
The Current Crises of Global Health: From Infectious Diseases to Maternal Health1W 6:00-7:00started
Introduction to Wall Street1Thur 6-7started
Jewish Identity in Secular Society1Tuesdays 5-7pmstarted
Oral and Dental Health1TBA
System Administration2TuTh 5-6pstarted
M 5-7pstarted
W 5-6:30pstarted
Hands-On Practical Engineering1TBA
Optometry 98 Sec 11Tuesday 5-6 pmstarted
Speedcubing DeCal1Th 5-6started
The Simpsons and Philosophy2Th 5-6:30started
DJ DeCal1Tu 6-8pmstarted
The Daily Cal DeCal: In-depth Reporting26 - 7:30 p.m.started
Current Issues and Trends in East Asia2Monday 6-8started
Language Access Program cs/fw2Mondays 6-8pmfull
Conversational Spanish2M 4:00 - 5:30started
W 4:00 - 5:30open
HIKE: Health Information for Kids Education cs/fw2W 2:00-4:00started
hardboiled! newsmagazine: intro to APA journalism cs/fw1W 6-7:30 pmstarted
Cal Spirit DeCal: Cal Accomplishments2Th 5-6:30started
Conversational French1Th 5-6.30started
Learn How to Solve the Rubik's Cube1Tu 5-6started
W 3-4started
Breaking Down Boundaries: Reexamining North Korea2W 6:00-8:00started
Asian Film Studies2W 5:30-7:30started
Microfinance DeCal1Mon 6:00-7:00full
Burma: A Closer Look at the Golden Land2M 6-8open
A Beginner's Guide to Bridge1M5-6started
Prepare to Achieve a College Education (PACE) cs/fw2Th 5-6started
Student-to-Student Peer Counseling2Wed 6-8started

161 courses found, when using the selected filters above.

cs/fw denotes courses that are based around community service or field work.