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139 courses approved as of November 19, 2017 4:09AM PST.

cs/fw denotes courses that are based around community service or field work.

DeCal Internship cs/fw1-4TBAopen
Raptors and Sea Monsters: An Overview of Mesozoic Saurischians and Marine Reptiles2Wed 5:00-6:30full
Einstein's Black Holes and Time Warps2Tu 6-7:30full
Adaptation: Was the Book Better?2Th 6-9pmstarted
Actuarial Exam 1/P Prep2M 5:00-7:00open
Networked Computing: Principles and Problems2Tu 6-730started
Conversational English2M 6:30-8:30full
Tu 6:30-8:30full
W 6:30-8:30full
IEEE's Hands on Practical Electronics (HOPE)1Tu 5-6:30started
Iran: 28 Years of Revolution2M 6-8started
The Simpsons and Philosophy2Tu 5-6:30pmfull
Contemporary Chinese Dance: A Synthesis of Traditional Chinese Dance and Contemporary Western Dance1Tu 6-8pmstarted
Beat Poetry2Wed 6-8pmfull
Funk-A-DeCal: A Pre-History of Hip Hop2W 5-7started
The Star Wars Galaxy2Tu 5-7pmfull
Conflicts in the Middle East2Tu 6-8full
The Modern Slave Trade2M 6:00-8:00pmstarted
Berkeley Fiction Review1-2Tu: 5:30-7 PMfull
Publishing the Persian Perspective: Exploring Iranian History, Culture, and Society2W 6-8 PMstarted
South Park the DeCal: A New Hope2W 6-8full
The Daily Cal DeCal: Intro to the Practice of Journalism2W 7-9 PMfull
Development Issues in Peru cs/fw3Mondays 6-8 pmstarted
An Introduction To The Philosophy of Soren Kierkegaard2Tu 6-8started
''Talkin' Tobacco''3Tu 4-6started
Affirming Community Through The Arts2W 6-8 PMfull
Taiwanese Language Course1-2TuTh 5-6:30started
MW 5-6:30started
TuTh 5-6:30started
TuTh 5-6:30started
The Music, Art, and Lyrics of Radiohead2M 7-9full
Energy 1012M: 6-7:30PMfull
M: 6-7:30 PMfull
Teach the Bay: Providing Free Test Prep for High School Students cs/fw1-2Tu 6-8open
The Brain and Medicine1Tu 5-6full
hardboiled newsmagazine: intro to asian american print journalism cs/fw1W 6-7started
Calstar Yoga cs/fw2Friday 1-4pmstarted
Global Warming: Problems and Solutions2M 5-7pmfull
Digital Photography DeCal2Th 6:30-8:30full
Greek Dancing1Th 5-7started
Chamber Music For Fun2TBA
Mythical Thought2W 5:00-6:30full
James Bond: Politics, Pop Culture, Hero2W 5-7full
Governance @ Cal1M 5-6:30started
The Philosophy of Seinfeld2M 6:00 - 8:00started
Craft of Facilitating cs/fw2-3Th 3:00-5:00 PMfull
W 3:00-5:00 PMfull
American Red Cross DeCal cs/fw2Th 4-6started
Introduction to Stocks2W 5:30-7full
Bookworlds: The Dark Fantasy Chronicles2Tuesday 5-7started
Perspectives on Internal Happiness2Tu 6-730full
20th Century British and American Drama2.0TuTh 5-6started
Downstage Left: Performing Sketch Comedy1Th 4-6full
Bookworlds: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Analysis2W 5-7 pmfull
Civil Liberties Today1 or 2W 5:30-7:00started
1M 5:30-7:00started
Creative Writing: The Semi-Autobiographical Short Story1W 5-6started
H.E.L.P (Health Education For Life) cs/fw2Thurs 6-8started
Pageant of the Transmundane2W 5:00-7:00 pmstarted
Student Success at Cal, Part 12 P/NPM 3-5pmstarted
*SSPC Peer Counseling*2M 5-7full
HIKE (Heath Information for Kids Education) cs/fw1Thursday 2-4started
Affordable Housing Issues cs/fw1Th 3:30-5:00started
Blackjack and Poker2Tu 5-6:30pmstarted
Asian Film Studies2Wed 5:30-7:30full
Beginning Chinese Dance DeCal2M 5-7full
Cinema of Repression and Resistance2 P/NPMondays 5-7full
Stem Cells: Science and Society1-2W 2-3full
W 5-6full
F 1-2full
F 10-11full
M 6-7full
F 2-3full
W 1-2full
Female Sexuality3MW 6-8started
MW 7-9started
TTh 7-9started
Discovering China: Culture, Politics, Business1W 6-7pmstarted
Palestine: The Social and Psychological Realities of Military Occupation2Wed 6-8pmfull
Adventures in Neuroscience2M 3:00-5:00PMfull
Amusing Ourselves to Death: The Desensitizing Effects of the Media1M 5pm - 6:30pmfull
History of the Aphorism1M 6-7pstarted
Batman As American Mythology2TuTh 6pm-7pmfull
An Adventure Into The Peace Corps: What It's Like To Join2Friday 6-8started
PreMed 1012W 5-630Pstarted
Jade Ribbon Campaign: Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer among Asians and Asian-Americans cs/fw2W 4:00pm-5:30pmstarted
UNICEF: Awareness of Children in the Developing World cs/fw1-2W 6:00-7:00full
Breaking Down Barriers: Re-examinating North Korea2Tu 6-8started
"Sex and the City" & the Contemporary Woman2Tu 5:00-7:00full
Buffy, Angel & Other Cultural Icons2-3TuTh 7-9:30pmfull
Meditation, Mysticism, and the Mind1-3Wednesdays, 6-8 p.m.started
Perspectives on Genocide2W 5-7Pstarted
The Mythic West in Popular Culture2W 5:30-7:30started
P'ungmul: Introduction to Korean Drumming1-2Wed 7:30-10 PMfull
Scrabble: Strategy, Knowledge, and Fun2W 5-7full
The History of Comics in America2MONDAYS 4-6 PMfull
Chemistry of Comics1W 6-7Pstarted
Racism and Inequity in Structures of Education (RISE) cs/fw2Tu 6-8:30started
Bookworlds: Intro to Sci-Fi2W 5:30-7:30started
Insights Into Vertebrate Evolutionary Research1M 4-6started
DeBugging1M 7-8:30started
Introduction to Investment Banking2TBA
Teach in Prison cs/fw2W 5-7started
House of Leaves and Related Texts2Tu 5-7started
Judaism 1012W 4-6started
SHAPE (Sexual Harassment/Assault Advocacy and Peer Education) cs/fw2W 5-7started
St. Augustine: Life and Works1 or 2W 6:30-8:00 PMstarted
Learn to Play the Sather Tower Carillon1W 6:30-7:30pmstarted
SwingCal1Tu: 6-8full
Tu: 6-8full
Bookworlds: So You Want to be a Time Traveler?2W 530 - 730started
Think Progressive2W 6-8 pmstarted
Activism & Politics in the South Asian Community2Tu 5-7started
Copwatch: Police Accountability in Action cs/fw2M 6-7:30pmstarted
LaTeX for Math and Science1Th 5-7open
Penetrating Space: Los Angeles Creative Writing Workshop2Mon 5:00-7:00pmstarted
Cal Spirit2W 4-5:30started
Introduction to Chess2Tu 6-8started
Food, Religion, and Hospitality in the International Community2Tu 6:30-8started
UCBUGG: University of California, Berkeley Undergraduate Graphics Group2TBA
Cantonese DeCal - Beginning and Intermediate1-2MW 5-6:30full
TuTh 5-6:30full
MW 5-6:30full
TuTh 5-6:30full
Bookworlds: Mercedes Lackey2Mon: 5:00-7:00started
PeacePower: Nonviolence Journalism and Publishing2Thursday 5-7started
Principles of Feng Shui1W 5:00-6:30started
Finding Your Vocation (aka: "Is Your Calling Calling?")2M 2-4pmfull
Teaching Mad Science DeCal cs/fw2-3M 6-7:30started
Tu 6-7:30started
Principles of Project Management2TBA
Introduction to Handball1TuTh 2-3started
Introduction to Thailand: A Cultural, Political, and Economic Perspective1-2M 6 to 7:30pmstarted
Television Effects On Society2Tuesdays 5-6:30full
The Joy of Garbage1-2TU 6-8full
World War II and the 20th Century2Tu 5:00-7:00started
Health Disparities in Minority Communities: Locally and Globally1Thursdays 5-6started
Jewish Medical Ethics2Tu 5-7started
The Happiest DeCal on Earth2Wed 4-6full
The Bear Necessities of Research1W 3-4:30started
Project: College Bound-Berkeley Mentorship Program cs/fw1-4TBA
Learn How to Solve the Rubik's Cube1W 5-6 PMstarted
Superman As American Mythology2TuTh 5-6started
"An Introduction to Leadership and Organizational Dynamics"2W 4-6started
Financial Markets Literature2MW 6:00-7:00started
Introduction To The Enneagram2W 5-6:30started
Transitional to Cal: Resources for Immigrant Student1Wes 5 to 6:00 or 6:30started
Making Comics (Comicbook, Manga, and Graphic Novel Techniques)2W 6:00-7:30full
Regionalism versus multilateralism in South Amerca: implications for development in Ecuador. cs/fw2Mondays, 6-8pmstarted
The Other Berkeley: An Introduction to City Affairs2Tu 6-8PMstarted
1Th 6:45-8:15started
1TuTh 5:15-6:45started
D.U.L.C.E DeCal cs/fw2TBA
Foundation for Sustainable Development: Nicaragua cs/fw2TuTh 630-730started
Issues: Berkeley Medical Journal2Th 5-7started
Ruby On Rails2TBA
Prepare to Achieve a College Education (PACE)2Thursdays 5-6 pmopen
Advanced Rubik's Cube Decal: Speedcubing1Tu 4:00-5:00 PMfull

139 courses found, when using the selected filters above.

cs/fw denotes courses that are based around community service or field work.