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120 courses approved as of November 19, 2017 7:43AM PST.

cs/fw denotes courses that are based around community service or field work.

DeCal Internship cs/fw1-4TBAopen
Spin Your World: direct proactive community research!1-3Fri 1-2started
Conflict and Terrorism in the Middle East2Tue 6:00-8:00full
BookWorlds: The Lost Years of Merlin2Th 5-7full
Bananas and Murder: The Films of Woody Allen2Tuesday 5-7 pmstarted
James Bond: the Politics, the Pop Culture, the Hero2W 5-7started
Technological Innovations for Underserved Communities cs/fw2W 5-7started
Scrabble: Strategy, Knowledge, and Fun!2W 5-7full
IEEE's Hands on Electronics1Tu: 5-6:30full
Teaching Mad Science cs/fw2M 6-7:30started
Why We Laugh: Analyses of Comedy2W 6-8full
Conflict in Northern Uganda2Tu 6-8full
hardboiled newsmagazine: intro to Asian American journalism cs/fw1W 6-7PMfull
Italian Cooking2Tues 5-6:30full
Activism and Politics in the South Asian Community2Wed 5-7PMstarted
Anthropology of Surfing2Tu 6-8full
Bookworlds: Enchanting Adolescence - Magic & Fantasy in Young Adult Fiction2W 5:30-7:30full
The Simpsons and Philosophy2Tu 5-6:30pmfull
Batman as American Mythology2TuTh 6-7full
Media and Politics2W 5:30-7:30Pfull
Issues: Berkeley Medical Journal2W 4-6started
Stem Cells: Science and Society2M 6-7started
Tu 4-5open
Tu 5-6open
Th 2-3open
Th 5-6open
F 4-5open
FianChesso (Beginning and Intermediate Chess)2Tu 6-8full
Jade Ribbon Campaign: The Fight Against Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer cs/fw1-2W 4:00-5:30pmstarted
South Park: The DeCal2Tu 6-8 PMfull
Breaking Down Borders: North Korea2Tu 6-8started
Craft of Facilitating cs/fw2-3Wed. 3-5pmfull
The Music, Lyrics, & Art of Radiohead2Mondays, 7-9PMstarted
Islam 1011Tu 5-7P,full
Dance from All Perspectives2Tu 7:30-9:00full
Th 5:00-6:30full
Tu 6-7:30full
Th 8:00-9:30full
Tu 4:45-6:00started
Th 6:30-8:00full
Comic Book, Manga, and Graphic Novel Techniques2W 6-730full
Superman as American Mythology2TuTh 5-6pmstarted
Energy 1012M 6PM-7:30PMfull
An Introduction to Leadership and Organizational Dynamics2Wed 4-6pmfull
How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Film Theory and Love My Old Man Stan: Kubrick, Genre, & Historical Obsession2.5Tu 5-7 (Screening), Th 5-6:30 (L&D)full
Introduction to Stocks1Tu 6:30-8PMfull
Greek Dancing1Th 5-7started
Assisting in Disabilities Yoga cs/fw2Friday 1:00-4:00started
Pre-Med 1012W 5-6:30started
Peer Counseling Psychology2M 5:00-7:00pmfull
Affordable Housing Issues cs/fw1Th 3:30-5started
Speedcubing (speed solving the Rubik's Cube)1TBA
Asian Film Studies2M 5-7pmfull
Amusing Ourselves to Death: The Desensitizing Effects of the Media1M 5-6:30 (first class 9/18)full
L-Chem 101: Research in Medicine and Life1M 6:00-7:00started
Funk-A-DeCal: A Pre-History of Hip Hop2W 5-7started
Learn to Solve the Rubik's Cube1Tues 5-6full
Bookworlds: His Dark Materials2W 5-7started
LaTeX for Math and Science1M 4-6pmstarted
Th 5-7pmstarted
An Adventure into the Peace Corps: What It's Like to Join2M 6-8pm (1st meeting 7-9pm Tuesday 9/5started
Actuarial Exam 1/P Prep2M 4-6started
Extreme Sports and their Natural Environments2Tu 5-7started
ABC's of Iran: 27 Years of Revolution2Tue 6-8 pmfull
CAL Artists Empowerment Workshop2Wednesday 5-7:30started
Monday 5:00-7:00started
Perspectives on Internal Happiness2Thurs 5-7started
Modern Chinese Art2TuTh 5-6started
Introduction to Thailand2M 3:00-4:00pmfull
Student Success in Psychology at Cal Part 12M 3:00-5:00started
Knitting 101: Knitting for Beginners1W: 5-6full
BookWorlds: Discworld - The Novels of Terry Pratchett2M 6:00-8:00full
Conversational English for Int'l Students2Tu 7-9 PM (First day of class is Sept. 5full
Blackjack and Poker2Tu 5-6:30full
Philosophy of Animal Rights2M 5-7started
Business Ethics & Culture in Film and Media2W 6-8full
Learn to Play the Sather Tower Carillon1M 6:30-7:30full
Baroque Ensemble2MW4-6started
Berkeley Engineering: the Survival Guide1M 4-5full
M 5-6full
Th 5-6full
W 4-5full
W 5-6full
FemAction cs/fw3-4MW 7-9 pmstarted
Teach in Prison cs/fw2TBA
PeacePower Journal: Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation cs/fw2Monday, 4-6pm (class begins on Sept. 11)started
UC and the Bomb2M 5-6:30started
Orchidaceae: Physiology, Diversity, and Horticulture2Tu 3:30-5:00full
Jewish Medical Ethics2Tu 5-7pm.full
Introduction to IDL Programming for Astronomers2M 5:30-7pmstarted
The History of American Women Through Film2M 4-7full
Choose Your Own Adventure in MCB1Wed 5-6pmstarted
Awareness: Children in the Developing World and UNICEF cs/fw1-2Wed 6-7pmstarted
Sustainable Development in Nicaragua cs/fw1Th 6-8full
Judaism 1012W 3-5started
UC Berkeley Undergraduate Graphics Group2Th 5-7started
Actuarial Finance1M 6-8pstarted
Professional Etiquette2Tu 4-6full
Queer Leadership in Action2Th 6-8started
Meditation, Mysticism, and the Mind1-36-8 pm, Wednesdaysstarted
Politics, Social Movements, and Revolution2W 4-6PMstarted
Introduction to Investment Banking2Sat: 9-11started
Intermediate Guide to Investment Banking2Sat: 9-11started
Finding Your Vocation ("Is Your Calling Calling?")2Mon 2-4pmstarted
CopWatch cs/fw2M 6:00-7:30 PMstarted
Female Sexuality3TBA
Survey of American Sign Language2TuTh 5-6full
Access to Essential Medicines2TBA
Conversational Cantonese1-2 VariableTuTh 5-6:30full
TuTh 5-6:30full
Macintosh Software Development for OS X2Th 5-7started
Civil Liberties Today1 or 2M 5:30-7:30started
The Other Berkeley: An Introduction to City Affairs1Th 4-6started
Bolivia: Development and the Political Economy cs/fw2Thursday 6-8 PMfull
Chamber Music for Fun29/5/06 Tu 8-9PMstarted
Poongmul I: Introduction to Poongmul1-2Tu 7pm-10pmfull
Social Issues, Social Action cs/fw2-3TBAstarted
The Bahai Faith: Education for Social Progress2Tu 6-8 pmstarted
Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Cultural Icon1-3TuTh 3:30-5started
T/Th 3:30-5:00started
Joy of Garbage2Tu 6-8started
Introduction to Multicultural Conflict Resolution2Mondays 5-7started
Israeli Folk Dancing1Tuesday 6:45-8:15started
Tuesday 5:10-6:40started
International Development through Documentary Film2Wed. 4-6.30pmstarted
Berkeley Fiction Review1-2M 5:30-7:00 PMstarted
Understanding China from a Business Perspective2W 6:00-8:00full
The Sikhs: Religion, Culture, and Politics in the 20th century1-3Tu 6:30-9started
Tu 6:30-9started
Social Issues, Social Action - South Berkeley cs/fw2-3W 5-6:30started
Taiwanese Language Course1-2TTh 5:00-6:30started
MW 5:00-6:30started
TuTh 5:00-6:30full
MW 5:00-6:30started
Fun in Art: Ceramics and Drawing2Thur 5-7full
T 5-7full
W 5-7full
Social Welfare Language Access Program cs/fw2TBA
Desserts by Ingredient2M 5-6started
Introduction to University Life from a Immigrant Perspective1Tues4-5full
DJing 1011W 5-6 (first day of class is 9/20)started
W 6-7 (first day of class is 9/20)started
Prepare to Achieve a College Education (PACE) cs/fw2Th: 5-6pmstarted
Principles of Project Management2M 4-6started
D.U.L.C.E Diabetes: Unidos Lograremos Controlar Esta Enfermedad2Tuesdays 5-7PMstarted
Project: Collegebound - Bekeley Tutorial Program1-4MW 4-6started

120 courses found, when using the selected filters above.

cs/fw denotes courses that are based around community service or field work.