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Teaching Mad Science DeCal

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Fall 2007
Plant and Microbial Biology 98/198
2-3 Unit(s)

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community service /
field work course

About the Course:

Students will work in groups of 3 to 4 depending on class size to design and implement experiment-based lesson plans as part of the after school program at Willard Middle School. Part of the class will include a lecture on learning styles as well as project development.  The majority of the class is focused developing and presenting projects. Total time commitment each week will include one and a half hours for class, time to gather or buy your materials, and three sessions at Willard during the semester.


Past successful experiments have included:CSI-style forensics mysteries, candy making, studying the physics of Tony Hawk, rat dissections, and making liquid nitrogen ice cream!  


Willard is academically one of the lowest performing schools in the area.  Standardized test scores show that Willard falls below the state average.  A large proportion of the students come from historically disadvantaged backgrounds and fall on a low rung of the socioeconomic ladder.  Despite being just down the street from one of the world’s finest universities, Willard students do not typically aspire to go to college.  This DeCal’s purpose is to stimulate passion for science, or education in a more general sense, in students who are not used to thinking of learning as more than a chore.  Past DeCal students have found this aspect of the class particularly rewarding.


*note: the course website is currently out-of-date, but gives an accurate representation of what will be expected of you during the semester* 

How to Enroll:

After attending the first DeCal, you will be asked to fill out a short introductory survey.  Upon completion, you will be given the CCN.


Everyone interested can enter the class, including auditors. 

Course Contact: mad_science AT


Faculty Sponsor: Chelsea Specht

Time & Location:

234 Dwinelle HallM 6-7:309/10started
283 DwinelleTu 6-7:309/11started

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