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St. Augustine: Life and Works

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Fall 2007
English 98/198
1 or 2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

We will be learning more about the life and works of St. Augustine of Hippo through reading, discussion, and a paper at the end of the semester. Reading list includes two incredible biographies by Gary Wills and Peter Brown, the Confessions, Homilies on 1 John, excerpts from City of God, etc. We will also be having fun. Look forward to an extravaganza in November in honor of his birthday and general, gleeful delight as we search the wisdom and critically study the thoughts of this 4th and 5th century theologian, philosopher, and thinker.

How to Enroll:

This course is open to everyone.

Course Contact: hegelmeyer AT, dfehrenbacher AT, abramjakobuscoetsee AT

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Steven Justice

Time & Location:

Sec. 14[?]
Chad Hegelmeyer
223 DwinelleW 6:30-8:00 PM9/05started

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