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Berkeley Urban Garden Internship (BUGI)

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Fall 2016
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

The Berkeley Urban Garden Internship DeCal will take an interdisciplinary look at the food system, using urban agriculture as a starting point. We will use various approaches to examine the numerous elements and dynamics of food systems, and we will focus on the role that urban agriculture can play in improving or supplementing this system. Because this course is in the Environmental Science, Policy and Management department, we will often invoke an environmental lens to explore how the process of growing, harvesting, delivering, preparing, eating, and disposing of food interacts with people and the environment. 

The class meets once a week on Mondays from 2-4pm. Class will consist of guest lectures and discussions, hands-on gardening lessons, and field trips. The class will also include opportunities for student presentations, seed-to-table food shares, or facilitator-led mini-lessons. Class will be held in the Student Organic Garden on Virginia and Walnut St. unless there is bad weather or a need for the projector screen.  There is also a required 2 hour volunteer commitment per week, which the student will schedule for outside of class. These volunteer hours represent a service-learning approach to exploring the food system. Students can choose any urban garden or farm in the Bay Area. Examples include: City Slicker Farms, Spiral Gardens, the UC Gill Tract Farm. The location of volunteer hours is up to the student, although we will be happy to provide you with ideas and resources for places to volunteer. Students must also attend a SOGA or other garden workshop for two hours once during the semester.

How to Enroll:

Email Raine (one of the facilitators) with your interest before class starts! ( Then attend the first class meeting on 9/12 at 2-4pm in the Student Organic Garden (just north of campus on the corner of Virginia and Walnut St). We will send out an email with directions to the garden and more details before the first class meeting! 

Course Contact: rrobichaud AT


Faculty Sponsor: Kathryn De Master

Time & Location:

Class MeetingAlex Raffanti
Raine Robichaud
20The Student Organic Garden (the corner oM 2p-4p9/12full

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