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Film: A Look Into Israeli Minorities

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Fall 2016
Jewish Studies 98/198
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About the Course:


Through the use of film we are provided with a human dimension that extends beyond the daily news bulletins. In this course we will use film to foster social awareness and cultural understanding. This course presents dramatic and documentary films, as well as engaging speakers who will discuss the history, culture, and identity of minority populations in Israel. There will be a focus on minority populations such as Mizrachi Jews, Women in the periphery, the LGBTQ community, Israeli Arab and Palestinian citizens of Israel, refugees and foreign workers. The goal of this course is to promote awareness and appreciation of the diversity of the state of Israel, provide a dynamic and inclusive forum for exploration of, and dialogue about populations on the margins of Israeli society, and encourage cinematic expression and creativity dealing with these themes. The course is guided by the mission to showcase quality cinema that brings to the big screen the human stories and daily lives of minority groups living in the Jewish and Democratic state, often overlooked by mainstream Israeli society and culture. It is not about the conflict – it is not about taking sides – this course is about people.

 Every other week, we will cover a different minority group in Israel. For every new topic, we will first screen a film that will present it in a powerful and thought-provoking way. In the following week, we will have an engaging discussion about both the cinematographic and social aspects of the film. Discussions may be led by guest speakers, (including but not limited to) film directors, scholars, actors, and field professionals. 

There will be a short midterm and final; only 2 unexcused absences allowed. 

Note on the class time: Every other week, we will screen a film which will take the full scheduled two hours; but on discussion days, we will only be meeting for one hour. 


Tuesdays 5pm-7pm; 78 Barrows Hall


How to Enroll:

Students will be enrolled based on a first come, first serve policy. CCN's will be handed out to students that arrive on time to our first class.

Course Contact: Leghadoushi AT

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Ilana Szobel

Time & Location:

Section 1Leora G
2078 BarrowsTu 5p-6:30p8/30full
Section 1Leora G
2078 BarrowsTu 5p-6:30p8/30full

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