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Fall 2016
ESPM 198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Through discussions surrounding Feminism, Environmentalism, and their intersections, Ecofeminism will explore the influences of these social movements historically and on the modern-day cultural climate. We will seek out the roots of the linkages between the systematic oppression of womxn and the exhaustion of Earth’s resources and services, aiming to flesh out the ways in which one’s experiences of the natural environment are directly influenced by their gender and sexual identities. We will explore what kind of discourse a narrative between women, nature, and other systems of oppression can offer us in examining current societies. There will be short introductory lectures and guest speakers, but the majority of classes will be seminar style discussions. We designed this course to be a space for collaborative learning, moving away from the norms of a traditional lecture-based curriculum. We want to hear and discuss as a group how the readings speak to you as individuals, as members of larger communities, and as people directly affected by and a part of the current climate crisis. We aim to create a community in which every voice is genuinely acknowledged and validated. We are eager to learn collectively!

How to Enroll:

There is no application process for this class. We will be holding an information session in the coming weeks during which we will discuss course themes, objectives, and policies so you can best decide it is something you are interested in learning more about!

Course Contact: abbeycliffe AT, emorales AT

Faculty Sponsor: Carolyn Merchant

Time & Location:

Section 5[?]
22134 DwinelleTu 6:30p-8p9/06started

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