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Ecopoetry: Poetry and the Environment

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Fall 2016
English 198
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About the Course:

In this course, we will explore the connections between poetry, environment, and ecological science. We will focus on a few readings a week in order to get broad exposure to the diverse, exciting, and boundary-pushing ways poetry relates to the natural world. Students will have a greater understanding of what poetry has to say in the face of global environmental crises, how poetry and nature are connected, how the act of writing poetry is related to the environment in which it occurs, and how poetry has been part of environmental activism. 

The time spent in class is split between discussing poems and also creative writing and work shopping. Students will have plenty of time to write in order to explore their own sense of style and grow as a writer. We will regularly venture out of the classroom and outside to raise and answer questions about how environment and creativity are related, allowing students to articulate their surroundings and put their thoughts on paper.

Assignments and responsibilities that the students hold include one 5-10 minute group presentation during the semester, introducing one of the poems on the list or one of their choosing and tying it into the theme of the week, and a final project geared towards creative and deeper thinking. Students are also expected to be involved in discussion and to be prepared to share their ideas and thoughts.

How to Enroll:

Enrollment will be on a first come first serve basis as space is lmited.

please be there on the first day of class, Thursday Sept. 1 in order to receive enrollment information

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Faculty Sponsor: Robert Hass

Time & Location:

Section 5Sohil Mali
Alex McInturff
40229 DwinelleTh 6:30p-8p9/01started

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