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The Invisible Faces of Mass Incarceration

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Fall 2016
Legal Studies 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

What is mass incarceration and why are we discussing it? What is the school-to-prison pipeline? What is the prison industrial complex? What are the differences between jails and prisons? How is the juvenile system different from the adult system? What is recidivism? What does life look like post-incarceration? Is it possible to envision a world without prisons? Are there viable alternatives to incarceration? How do we reverse mass incarceration and its effects?

In this course, we will pursue these kinds of questions through considering current news articles and online publications, and historical and contemporary texts that ruminate on such questions as the ones written above. We will neither reverse the cycles of incarceration nor touch upon every dimension of and perspective on the U.S. carceral system. However, we will deepen our understanding of mass incarceration and its effects, and how we as students can continue to push for change.


There will be a couple short writing assignments as well as a final project that includes some form of reflection piece and action in the community.


This course is facilitated by members of the Underground Scholars Initiative ("USI") and Human Rights of the Incarcerated ("HRI").


How to Enroll:

Depending on the interest in the course, we may require interested students to fill out a short application. Otherwise, enrollment will be on a first come, first served basis.

Course Contact: hstommel AT

Faculty Sponsor: Jonathan Simon

Time & Location:

Hannah Stommel
3087 DwinelleF 8a-10a9/02full

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