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Stem Cells: Science and Society

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Fall 2016
MCB 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Many believe the cure to most diseases lie in stem cell research, yet others fear repercussions that could forever alter our social conscience and morality.  This class, colloquially know as the "Stem Cell Decal", takes you on a journey inside the stem cell revolution where scientists, policy-makers, and patients will challenge you to examine the social, political, and even spiritual implications of this rapidly expanding scientific frontier.  

The Stem Cell Decal is a course aimed to creatively provide students with a basic understanding of stem cells and stem cell research.  To accomplish this goal, we cover four modules over twelve weeks: 

  1. Science and Biology
  2. Engineering and Technology
  3. Ethics and Controversy
  4. Policy and Advocacy

These topics will be explored through weekly one-hour lectures on a variety of stem cell topics, featuring both guest speakers and facilitators.  Hour-long discussion sections led by facilitators will be held weekly to review lecture material, present new material such as pressing stem cell issues in recent scientific literature or news media, creatively instruct you in the basics of stem cell research, and urge conversation about current developments in the field.  

After taking this course, students will have a basic understanding of stem cell science, its potential and applications, the controversy behind it, and its role in society.  We hope students will possess enough knowledge to understand and participate in stem cell activities on campus and beyond, while also formulating their own position on the political stances surrounding stem cell research.  

How to Enroll:

The Stem Cell Decal is a two unit course. Students must enroll in and attend both the lecture portion and a discussion section. Please email us if you have any questions regarding waitlisting, upper versus lower division units, section number, etc. You CANNOT take the lecture or discussion portions individually. Double check CalCentral to make sure you are enrolled in a course with the correct CCNs, faculty advisor, location, and time. We cannot make enrollment changes past the 5th week of classes. It is YOUR responsibility to confirm your enrollment. 

Course Contact: stemcelldecal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Nicholas Ingolia

Time & Location:

Discussion 1Colby Gekko
Shivani Thombare
2047 EvansW 3p-4p9/14full19426 (lower)
19426 (upper)
Discussion 2Colby Gekko
Shivani Thombare
2050 BarrowsTh 4p-5p9/15full19427 (lower)
19427 (upper)
Discussion 3Colby Gekko
Shivani Thombare
205 EvansF noon-1p9/16full33967 (lower)
33967 (upper)
LectureColby Gekko
Shivani Thombare
60126 BarrowsM 6p-7p9/12full19425 (lower)
19425 (upper)

Uploaded Files:

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