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Filmmaking for Activists

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Fall 2016
Film 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Filmmaking for Activists (FFA) is in association with Students of the World ( to serve as an introduction into the world of creative activism. The objective of this course is to discover how to utilize various film techniques to promote positive social change. Throughout the semester we will cover all aspects of filmmaking (from pre-production to filming to editing) that are necessary to convey social and political messages effectively. Our goal is to provide the practical foundations of several genres of filmmaking, through an engaging, hands-on approach. We will emphasize the power of film in the expression of activism, as well as the art of accessible cinematography and storytelling.

Students will complete two projects throughout the semester - one documentary and one narrative/experimental short. They will be expected to work closely with group members throughout pre-production, production, and post.  Class time is two hours, where workshops and lectures will take place. While some class time will be allotted to project production, expect to have to spend some time outside of class to complete your videos.

How to Enroll:

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If for some reason this form does not work for you, please e-mail us your responses to the following questions at

1. Name & gender pronouns

2. Year & major (or interest)

3. Any filmmaking experience?

4. Any activism experience? If no, what topics are you passionate about?

5. Do you own any film equipment? If yes, what exactly?

6. Why do you want to take this course?

7. Any questions/concerns?


Info Session Dates:

Sept. 1st, 6-7pm & 7-8pm in 182 Dwinelle

First Day of Class:

Sept. 8th, 6-8pm in 182 Dwinelle


Course Contact: filmmakingforactivists AT

Faculty Sponsor: Emily Carpenter

Time & Location:

Jo Howard
Annie Huynh
30Dwinelle 182Th 6p-8pfull

Uploaded Files:

Syllabus: FFA Syllabus.pdfSep 13179kbAdobe PDF (Viewer)View Download

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