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Science in Oakland Elementary Schools

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Fall 2016
Nuclear Engineering 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

This is a course giving Berkeley students the opportunity to learn about achievement gaps in education correlated with racial and socioeconomic background, especially in the STEM fields. This class will contain a series of lectures and assignments to help students think about how we can work towards equitable achievement in education. The coursework will be complemented by interactive experiences in West Oakland in which students will mentor/tutor children in 1st grade in STEM homework, experiments, and projects.

Mentoring/Experiments with the students will take place every other Wednesday from 2:30-3:45pm at Garfield Elementary located on 22nd St. and International Blvd.


Rides may be provided. Email for more information.

There are no formal papers or exams. Passing or failing will be based on attendance.

How to Enroll:

Upon enrolling, students will be required to fill out a questionnaire (resembles application). Please email for more information.

Course Contact: its_alexis962 AT


Faculty Sponsor: Rachel Slaybaugh

Time & Location:

SOESAlexis Flores-Betancourt
203109 EtcheverryF noon-1p8/26full— (lower)
28617 (upper)

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