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Leadership and Justice: the Knowledge for Human Rights!

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Fall 2016
Education 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Are you passionate about human rights and social issues? Are you interested in attaining leadership opportunities and positions? Creating campus events? Or Community Organizing with great networking? If so – this is the DeCal for You! This Fall 2016, the Universal Love and Peace (ULAP) Organization will have a DeCal titled “Leadership and Justice: The Knowledge for Human Rights!” This class has captivating guest speakers, a great group of facilitators, and a fantastic curriculum! There will be lots of interactive activities!

The requirements in a nutshell are:

1) All students will be required to attend a class semester event. This event will be on campus. We will find ways to accommodate everyone's schedules.

2) You’re allowed to have two absences. Facilitators need to be notified (preferably via email) within 24 hours before the absence.

3) In-class journaling. It can be notes, ideas you have, questions, your evaluation of presentations, etc.

4) You will design your own final project based on an issue you are passionate about. It can be an artistic piece, a speech at an event, a plan for a community service project, a music video or anything creative. We approve many project proposals. You will receive support of the organization with materials and connections. If you are interested, we have an amazing list of past final projects that students have completed.

5) Join a department to help you complete your final project: Events-Organizing, Grassroots Organizing, Publications, Music and Video Production. 

NOTE: Even if you have the CCN, you must attend the first two class meetings, or you may be dropped. 

Visit our page for more information.

ULAP also offers great leadership activities on campus. If you would like to join our wonderful board, you can find an application here.

Course Description:

In this course, students learn how to use theories from a wide range of disciplines (such as Political Science, Business, Sociology, Psychology, and much more) to analyze leadership and find solutions to social issues on the micro and macro scales. Through simulations and workshops, students learn the rhetoric and current debates about social justice issues, such as child soldiers, human trafficking, immigration, genocide, gender inequality, maternal mortality, international human rights law, bioethics, gun control, multiculturalism, education policy, factory food farming, restorative justice, conflict resolution, and much more. By exposing students to multiple perspectives surrounding these issues, we hope students learn more about the root causes, institutions, and policies that perpetuate the current problems. We will further introduce and ask students to analyze various policies and proposed solutions through different viewpoints and theories. Students will then work with the class to build upon the strenths and limitations of these approaches to reimagine public policy and improve the prospects for social change. Through this process, we will work with students on helping them discover what actions they could take to address and potentially solve many social injustices.

With the intentions of addressing social injustices and inducing social change, we will provide hands on activities so that students can participate in community organizing efforts. In class, students will also be allowed to participate in group activities which include grassroots community activism, publications, music videos, and event organizing. Through these non-violent, community efforts, students will engage in critical dialogue and in the art of thinking together. More importantly, students will have the opportunity to learn about popular community organizing strategies so they can take meaningful action in their communities. 

From this process, students will learn effective leadership strategies that involve partnerships, team work, management, community building, and social entrepreneurship. Students will then apply this knowledge to pursue their own passions and actualize their dreams for social change.

This course has been taught and refined many times and has received average ratings of 7/7. Many students have found the information in this course helpful for other classes, various academic disciplines, and life. The facilitators enjoy teaching this course because education is a vehicle for empowerment and social change!

How to Enroll:

If you would like to enroll and obtain the CCN, please do the following:

 Email us at

      Include your name, year, major, and anything else you would like us to know. You may still join until the end of the 5th week if telebears allows you to. After the 5th week, you must email us and receive our approval to enroll. 

We can also email you a copy of the syllabus. NOTE: We are still making changes to the syllabus schedule, so it is tentive and may change :)

We look foward to working with all of you, and this class will be super exciting! After teaching this course a few times, we have many rockin activities that create a student-focused education!

Course Contact: universalloveandpeace AT


Faculty Sponsor: Glynda Hull

Time & Location:

Section 1Claire Bang
Shivany Condor Montes
Shahana Farooqi
6060 BarrowsTh 6p-8p9/08started

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