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One Health for Action: Integrating Human, Animal, and Environmental Health

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Fall 2016
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About the Course:

Why is ecosystem health important in medicine?

Why should wildlife conservationists and physicians work together to prevent the spread of disease?

How are human, animal and environmental health intertwined?

How can we begin to understand this?

One Health has been defined as “the collaborative effort of multiple disciplines -- working locally, nationally, and globally to secure a healthy world for people, animals and the environment. This course is intended to provide an overview of the One Health model that has been adopted by a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to  medicine, veterinary medicine, conservation biology, and ethnobotany.  Students are guided to understand and develop holistic approaches to health by critically analyzing existing paradigms of health and medicine and discussing alternative approaches to medicine and health.

Guest speakers, including veterinarians, physicians, epidemiologists, and ecologists will give presentations throughout the semester, providing insight into real world problems and analyzing them within the principles of One Health. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and exchange ideas with these experts in a small group setting as well as one-on-one.Through the aforementioned talks and out of classroom activities, this DeCal aims to serve as a forum for academic curiosity and engagement. We hope to provide students with a community of like-minded peers and faculty in order to foster a space for personal and academic growth.

How to Enroll:


Please complete the following survey and come to the first day of class on September 1st from 5-6 PM at 104 Barrows for the CCN!


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Course Contact: onehealthdecal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Erica Bree Rosenblum

Time & Location:

2Anthony Chang
Vicki Guan
Richard Zhu
30104 BarrowsTh 5p-6p9/01full

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