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Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal (CLUJ)

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Spring 2016
Comparative Literature 98/198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

This DeCal is structured to provide time every week for necessary instruction related to the academic and practical sides of putting together an issue of the UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal. Most of the work of the DeCal therefore involves editing and evaluating submissions for the journal. Meetings will largely consist of workshops designed to hone editing skills and learn the basics of essential publication tools such as Wordpress and Lulu. 

The bulk of the students' time will be devoted to reading submissions (roughly 15 pages per week) and writing down comments and suggestions which will later be used in discussing the merits of each essay. They will also be required to submit a blog post to the CLUJ website and participate in publicity efforts. As the semester progresses, they will also be expected to take an active part in the publication process. 

Participation is very important to the success of the journal. Therefore, unless the student has spoken with the facilitator in advance to set up individual arrangements, we allow only one excused and one unexcused absence. 

How to Enroll:

Students are required to fill out an application form, available upon request. 

Course Contact: yana.zlochi AT


Faculty Sponsor: Miryam Sas

Time & Location:

Section 2Yana Zlochistaya
15211 DwinelleM 5:30p-7p2/08started

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