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Cal History, Spirit, and Traditions

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Spring 2016
Rhetoric 98/198
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About the Course:

The University of California, Berkeley was the first American public university to be ranked among the nation’s elite institutions of higher education.  Cal’s worldwide reputation for academic excellence may have been the reason that you chose to come to Berkeley, but the University of California also has a long and distinguished history of student engagement and genuine love for the University that dates back to the 19th century.  This course aims to educate any and all Cal students about the legacy of which they are a part simply by being on this campus, and to inspire them to engage further with the institution that has been a trailblazer for nearly 150 years.

This is a one-unit course that will last for 12 weeks, with 1 hour of lecture each week. Each lecture will cover a different aspect of the History, Spirit, and Traditions of the University of California, and will feature a speaker with personal experience or expertise on the topic. This includes faculty, staff, alumni, and fellow students. Students will be expected to attend lecture and give the guest speaker their attention and respect. Course assignments will include two (2) short written reflections, engagement in campus events, scavenger hunt-style midterm, a final paper, and engaging with speakers during class. 

Speakers scheduled so far are as follows, and are subject to change. 


Week 1 – 1/28

Speaker: Quinn McElroy, Nadesan Permaul

Subject: Introductions, enrollment, general history of the University


Week 2 – 2/4

Speaker: Mal Pacheco

Subject: The Evolution of Oski


Week 3 – 2/11

Speaker: Phil Litts

Subject: Yell Leaders


Week 4 – 2/18

Speaker: Shreyas Chand

Subject: The University of California Rally Committee

Reflection #1 due 


Week 5 – 2/25

Speaker: Shivani Narang and guests

Subject: UC Berkeley Sexual Assault Commission


Week 6 – 3/3

Speaker: Nadesan Permaul

Subject: The history of the ASUC


Week 7 – 3/10

Speaker: Panel of ASUC Senators

Subject: The current state of the ASUC


Week 8 – 3/17 |MIDTERM

Scavenger hunt around campus, covering the first 6 weeks of class


Week 9 – 3/24 | SPRING BREAK


Week 10 – 3/31

Speaker: Isaac Williams and guest(s)

Subject: Mic Men



Week 11 – 4/7

Speaker: Bart White

Subject: The Stanford Axe

Reflection #2 due 


Week 12 – 4/14

Speaker: Cal Band Public Relations Director

Subject: History of Cal Band


Week 13 – 4/21

Speaker: TBA

Subject: TBA


Week 15 – 4/28

Last Week of Instruction

Speaker: TBA

Subject: TBA

Community involvement assignment due by Thursday, April 28th 


Final paper due by Friday, April 29th 

How to Enroll:

Attend our first class! Thursday, January 28th from 5:30-6:30 pm in 160 Kroeber. Please email with any questions you may have. 

Course Contact: ucrc.traditions AT

Faculty Sponsor: Nadesan Permaul

Time & Location:

All StudentsRyan Saraie
100160 KroeberTh 5:30p-6:30p1/28started

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