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Intro to Chess

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Spring 2016
Statistics 98 / 198
1-2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Introduction to Chess is a course designed for anyone interested in chess, at all levels of skill. The course design allows all students to improve from their current level of experience, but is mainly directly towards those who are of beginning or intermediate level. Each class period is composed of approximately one hour of instruction, followed by students playing in open or small tournament games. Due to the nature of chess, the instructional sessions are strongly student led.

How to Enroll:

First come, first served, with a priority given to seniors or graduating students.

Please email chessatcal AT to express your interest.

CCNs will be given the 2nd-3rd week of class.

First Class Begins Tues. 1/26 in Rm. 145 Moffitt

(Late enrollment negotiable)

Course Contact: chessatcal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Nusrat Rabbee

Time & Location:

Intro to ChessWilhelm Babayan
Timothy Werby
80145 MoffittTu 6p-8p1/26started

Uploaded Files:

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