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Social and Political Philosophy of the American Inner City

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Spring 2016
Philosophy 98
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

This course traces the development of African American philosophy, up to the present, with a special eye to the social, political, and moral questions most central to the modern inner city.  One of our primary sources will be HBO’s The Wire.  We’ll begin by discussing its relevance, taking a crash-course in philosophical writing and argumentation, and by revisiting the historical progression of Black thought in the United States up through the Second Great Migration.  We’ll then shift gears to the contemporary context, drawing on urban sociology to explore philosophical questions surrounding identity, self-respect, and governmental influence.  One of our guiding themes throughout will be the “double consciousness” of (especially, disadvantaged) Black Americans identified by Du Bois – the tension between integration and separatism still central to debates in social and political philosophy today. 

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Section 3Eunice Hyun
1081 DwinelleF 3p-5pfull

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