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IEEE Micromouse

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Spring 2016
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About the Course:

We’re building these!

Micromouse is a robotics project that involves building a small robotic car to autonomously solve a maze as quickly as possible.  We give you a budget to buy parts, and from there you work with a small team to assemble and program the mouse.  There is a lot of freedom in design, and you get the experience of building something from the ground up, from drawing the schematics, to 3D printing the chassis, to soldering the protoboard, to probing voltages, calibrating motors, analyzing sensor data, programming pathfinding, etc. etc., it’s very cool!

The quality of the micromouse will depend on the time you devote to this project. We welcome anyone who has strong interest in the MicroMouse and is willing to put in quality work. A competition will be held among schools in California and neighboring states.

This is definitely a time commitment, especially near the latter half of the semester when you start building your mouse.  A background in EE definitely helps; although it isn't strictly required, some people have had trouble following the course in the past without it.

Lectures will be primarily based on design principles in hardware and software to guide you through the design process of your team’s micromouse.

How to Enroll:

Apply Here! First come first served (enrolled) and come to the first lecture!

Course Contact: cgchen AT


Faculty Sponsor: Clark Nguyen

Time & Location:

TheOnlySectionChandler Chen
30140 CoryM 8p-10p2/01started

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