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Learn to Play the Sather Tower Bells: A Carillon Study

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Spring 2016
Music 98 / 198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Ever dreamed of playing the bells on top of the Campanile? 


This DeCal aims to teach interested students the basic history and mechanics of the carillon. Students will also learn basic carillon playing technique and perform a piece of their own choosing or from standard carillon repertoire.


Students must have working knowledge of a keyboard and be able to read duple and triple time signatures through three sharps/flats. Piano experience is not required. We welcome all musical backgrounds. Weekly class meetings are 50 minutes long and start on Berkeley time.


According to the number of available private instructors, the class size should be around 10 people this semester. This class is a great introduction to the carillon if you want to play for a semester with no long-term obligations. If you want to receive formal and long-term carillon study, consider applying for Music 40 taught by the University Carillonneur Jeff Davis. (Update: Music 40 applications are closed for Spring 2016.)


The first four weeks (starting February 2nd) will be Tuesdays from 6-7pm in 125 Morrison. After then, you will schedule 1 on 1 time (1 hour per week) with a carillon student. Please see the Syllabus for more details.

How to Enroll:

Fill out this Google Form ( with your responses including 2 written paragraphs: one on observations of a noon concert from the observatory deck of the tower, and one on why you are interested in playing the carillon. Submit by the end of Friday, January 29th, 2016 at 11:59 PM PST. Decisions will be made and notifications sent out by Monday, February 1st. You must attend the first meeting, or else you will be dropped. Do not apply for the DeCal this semester if you cannot meet the requirements. Upperclassmen are given preference, but are not guaranteed a slot. Repeat applicants are also given preference, so if you are unable to get in this semester, apply next semester!

Course Contact: marwahaha AT


Faculty Sponsor: Jeff Davis

Time & Location:

Section 1Anders Lewis
Kunal Marwaha
15125 MorrisonTu 6p-7p2/02started

Uploaded Files:

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