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UGBA 198: Introduction to the Entertainment Business

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Spring 2016
UGBA 198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

The global entertainment industry is expected to be worth over $2 trillion today. The industry itself encompasses a number of sectors from film and television, to music and live entertainment, to video games and online interactive content. This course will allow you to understand the historical evolution of the entertainment industry with a particular focus on the film, television, music, video games, PR, news media and sports sectors. We'll also look at current challenges facing entertainment executives and let you hear from entertainment professionals from around the Bay Area. Since this course is listed as a UGBA course, we will emphasize the business side of the entertainment industry focusing on topics such as marketing, financing, and corporate strategy as they relate to the industry.

The largest portion of the grade will be dedicated to attendance and participation. This class is an opportunity for students to share their experiences and knowledge with one another and to network with students who may very well one day be their future colleagues. Students are required to attend class and participate every week. More than 2 absences will result in a NP.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at 

How to Enroll:

Enrollment will be decided through an application process. During the first day of class (February 1st), please fill out an application to be considered for enrollment. If you are unable to attend the first day of class, please email us at Priority will be given to those who fill an application in class. 

Course Contact: introtoentertainmentbiz AT

Faculty Sponsor: Marcus Opp

Time & Location:

Section 1Ariel Hayat
Robert Tooke
60230 Cheit HallM 6p-8p2/01full

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