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Health Care in 2025

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Spring 2016
Public Health 198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

IMPORTANT: You must FILL OUT THE INTAKE FORM AND attend the first class on Jan. 28 to get the CCN!


The Health Care in 2025 course will give students a preview of health care of the future. First, we will take a brief look at the events that have led us up to the current healthcare system. Then we will move on to the innovation that has been occurring in healthcare technology to address the current crisis of increasing healthcare costs. Speakers included will be on 3D Printing, medical devices, telemedicine, etc. Along the way, opportunities for networking will be available for interested students.


To expose students to the rapid innovation occurring in health technology. The speakers of this course will help students gain a broad perspective of the variety of technologies developing right now. We hope this course encourages students to work in the healthcare industry, and contribute to solving the crises of the U.S. healthcare system.


Some Featured Speakers:

Dr. Helen S Koo

Matthew Holt

Dana M. Lewis

How to Enroll:

Please email Aarti Kumar ( for any attendance or enrollment concerns.

Q. What is the course availability?

 A. About 45 students.


Q. Will there be an application process?

A. Nope! First come first serve until all seats are taken.

Due to unanticipated interest in our course, there is now an application process. (Jan 20)

Q. What's the application process?

1) Fill out the intake form by JANUARY 28, 11:59 PM PST

2) Attend our first class on JANUARY 28, 6-7:30PM PST at 310 Hearst Mining. 


45 applicants that complete both steps will be emailed the CCN and allowed to enroll in the course. We may have a waiting list if selected students drop the course.

Course Contact: ltupfer AT, aarti_k AT, shorya.g AT

Faculty Sponsor: Winston Tseng

Time & Location:

PH 198[?]
Shorya Ghai
Leanza Tupfer
45310 Hearst MiningTh 6p-7:30p1/28started

Uploaded Files:

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