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Teach in Prison

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Spring 2016
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About the Course:

Since 2000, Teach in Prison has taken UC Berkeley undergraduates to tutor inside San Quentin State Prison. In cooperation with San Quentin's Warden's Office, the Robert E. Burton Adult School, and UC Berkeley, Cal students have been helping inmates work towards their academic goals in a professional, compassionate manner.


Our program consists of FOUR main components: 

1. Weekly class meetings 

  • Each week we will have dicussions about a particular topic or  theme and have a guest speaker.

2. Tutoring at San Quentin State Prison

  • Everything about San Quentin will be covered in the first three  weeks of class, but one tutoring shift of four hours is mandatory every week. Shifts are M-F, 8-12pm or 11-3pm.

3. Weekly homework assignment

  • Each week you will have a homework assignment to prepare you  for the next week's topic and guest speaker. 

4. Final reflection paper/project

  • At the end of the semester, you will write a 1-2 reflection on  your experiences with this program. 



 You  must be 21 years of age and be able to pass a background check. You will attend weekly class for discussion and guest lectures on prison-related issues, and you will tutor at San Quentin State Prison. 


How to Enroll:

 You MUST be in attendance the first day of class in order to receive a CCN and be accepted into our program.

First day of class is Wednesday, January 27th at 5 pm.

Course Contact: teachinprison AT

Faculty Sponsor: Victoria Robinson

Time & Location:

Teach in Prison[?]
Violeta Alvarez
45210 WheelerW 5p-7p1/27started

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