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Prison & Society: Get on the Bus

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Spring 2016
Psychology 198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

In class students will learn how parental incarceration affects children, families, and communities psychologically and socially; how governmental agencies interact in regards to incarceration, child protection services and foster care; what services are available to families of the incarcerated and what holes there are yet to fill.

Through community service and outreach, students will get hands-on experience working within a nonprofit setting and affecting change in the local community. We will be partnering with Get On The Bus, a California nonprofit organization that brings children and their caregivers from throughout the state of California to visit their loved ones in prison for Mother's Day and Father's Day. Our class will collectively manage program caseloads in order to assist Bay Area families affected by mass incarceration (optional).

How to Enroll:

Class sessions will be held on Monday's 5-6:30pm in 210 Wheeler, from February 1st through April 25th, at which point there will be an (optional) class visit to San Quentin State Prison. This course is available for 2 units P/NP and CCNs will be distributed after the first week of class via email. You do not have to be a registered student to attend or participate in this class, so all students, community members, and scholars are welcome to join us!

Course Contact: gotbdecal AT


Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Stephen Hinshaw

Time & Location:

Section 1Adrian Chavez
Daniel Moreno
55210 WheelerM 5p-6:30p2/01started

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