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Spring 2016
College writing 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

What about a news story can make a difference in our world today? From concerts at the Greek, the latest football scores, heated school protests, to original comedy sketches, CalTV aims to provide and analyze the Berkeley experience with our TV program and we want you to join in on that mission. 

CalTV is UC Berkeley’s Online TV Station. This course offers hands-on experience with all facets of media production, and gives students a chance to analyze the creative, technical, and ethical aspects of the media industry. In addition to gaining a general understanding of the media field, students will choose a particular department to specialize in: Comedy, Cinematography, Post Production, News, Entertainment, Marketing, or Sports. 
Click here to check out some of our work! 


How to Enroll:

Attend our info session on the first day of class, location and time TBA.

After the info session, our application will be released on our Facebook page.

Applications and callbacks for interviews will take place the following weekend.


Course Contact: Executive AT


Faculty Sponsor: Maggie Sokolik

Time & Location:

General MeetingLana Lam
8020 WheelerTu 7:30p-8:30p1/26started

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