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Personal and Community Development for Psychology

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Spring 2016
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Our main goals are to (1) orient students to the tools available on campus, (2) help students develop their goals so they can get the most out of their time here, and (3) cultivate a community of Psychology students, faculty, and alumni on campus and beyond. We will be promoting a collaborative learning environment and utilize lectures, discussions, and panels.

This DeCal was created by the UC Berkeley PsychologiCal Committee, a Department of Psychology sponsored effort to build a community of Psychology students, faculty, and alumni, and will feature guest speakers from the department.

How to Enroll:

Priority given to those who stand to benefit the most. Please arrive on the first day!

Course Contact: randylee AT

Faculty Sponsor: Serena Chen

Time & Location:

Randy Lee
Dylan Raphael
Ella Simmons
Cara Woodworth
25Tolman G75Tu 1p-3p1/26started

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