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Creating a Sustainable Campus Landscape

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Spring 2016
ESPM 98/198
1-2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Students now have the unique opportunity to manage several plots of land on campus, to implement sustainable practices, create outdoor classrooms for both students and faculty, design a landscape that provides a multitude of other functions preserve and enhance the aesthetic landscape, help cultivate community spaces on campus and enjoy seasonal harvest potlucks, and even save the campus money.  Class time will be split between engaging in intellectual discussions with your peers on readings, documentaries, social and political issues, and spending time in the gardens planting, maintaining and harvesting.

For 1 Unit; Alongside our weekly meetings, students will be required to spend an additional hour each week in one of the gardens.  Semi-weekly assignments in a variety of forms (i.e. drawings, poems, observations) and are required along with the final project.

For 2 units; Students will additionally be required to identify a plot of land on campus, create and design a proposal for that plot, and/ or manage an established plot on campus.

Grade Breakdown to PASS:

  • Attendance and active participation (50%)
    • One unexcused absence is allowed
  • Homework: Weekly readings & documentary responses (20%)
  • Assignments (15%)
  • Final project (due last day of class) (15%)

Key learning objectives:

  • Basic agroecological principals
  • Basic environmental design
  • Horticultural Skills
  • Effective communication:
    • Faculty
    • Student organizations
    • Administration (Capital Projects, PPCS,  etc)
  • A local and global contextual understanding of alternative food systems and land use management
  • Campus community development


How to Enroll:

Class starts Thursday Febuary 4th.  CCNs will be given out in class. More hands make lighter work, so please come to class we can always make room.  Send the facilitators an email from the contacts below if you have any questions.


Course Contact: ninaangelo AT, dakotaglueck AT, clairerosenfield AT


Faculty Sponsor: Ignacio Chapela

Time & Location:

15110 Barker HallTh 2p-4p2/05started

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