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Disability & Sport: Goalball, Golf with Marty, and Power Soccer

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Spring 2016
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About the Course:


Students must attend the course two times a week- once for a lecture/discussion of texts on Tuesday from 5:30 to 6:30 at 54 Barrows and a second time on Friday for the weekly engaged scholarship activity (participate in an inclusive sport) designed to bring together students with and without disabilities to play sport. Students can choose among several engaged scholarship opportunities which include the following (video links below):

1. Goalball - Meets Fridays from 2-3PM in the RSF Blue Gym

2. Power Soccer - Meets Fridays from 2:30-3:45PM in the RSF Field House

3. Golf with Coach Marty Turcios -any 1 hour block from 9AM - 2PM on Friday


Students with disabilities throughout K-12 schools and colleges across the nation have been excluded from sports within educational spaces historically. American children and youth with disabilities participate in physical activity 4.5 times less often than their peers without disabilities (Rimmer, 2008; U.S. Department of Education, 2011), in part due to lack of opportunity in educational institutions. The NCAA (Big Time College Sports) does not provide equal opportunity to student athletes with disabilities.  

Through the framework of Disability Studies, Education Theory, and many other disciplines, this course seeks to problematize and critique the systematic exclusion of the disability community and how sports in educational institutions can ‘play’ an important role for promoting a more inclusive ‘playing field’ with increased opportunities. Lectures will feature various guests associated with disability advocacy (academic faculty, local non-profits, U.S. Paralympic athletes, etc.) who will educate on what disability issues are imperative from their point view and the class will contextualize this with the framework of sports and disability. Other learning methods include screening films and other cultural representations of disability along with relevant readings.  In addition to the Tuesday class, students must participate in a mandatory engaged scholarship inclusive sport opportunity (listed below) such as Goalball, Power Soccer, or Golf with Marty that are sports designed to bring students with and without disabilities together. This corporeal experience will serve as a point of self-reflection to juxtapose with theoretical discussions in the classroom. 


How to Enroll:

This course starts Tuesday, January 26th and accepts students until Feburary 9th. CCN's will be given out after students show up to class and depending on activity demand, student interest, and other factors that the facilitators deem necessary.

Please contact the course facilitator Matt Grigorieff ( for more information.

Students are selected based on accomodation priorities and written first essay as to why the class would benefit them. 

Course Contact: mattg AT


Faculty Sponsor: Derek Van Rheenen

Time & Location:

EDUC 98 & 198Matthew Grigorieff
2554 BarrowsTu 5:30p-6:30p1/26started

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