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Premed 101

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Spring 2016
Premed 98 / 198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Hello everyone!

Looking for a way to learn about how to be a successful premed at Cal, what it's like to be in medical school, and what a medical profession truly entails? Take the PreMed 101 DeCal! ☺

PM101 is a 1 unit P/NP course offered on Wednesday evenings from 6-7:30pm. The first day of the course will be January 27, 2016. The class is full of awesome advice, inspiring speakers, and great opportunities.

The majority of the class consists of presentations by speakers that range from current applicants to medical students to physicians/PAs/DOs in many different specialty areas.


The CCNs are as follows:

Lower division: 57662

Upper division: 59021


For more information, check out our website at , or email me at if you have any further questions."


Thank you everyone :) Cheers!

How to Enroll:

First come, first serve. Just use the CCNs

Course Contact: kia AT


Faculty Sponsor: David Presti

Time & Location:

Premed 101Kia Thigpen
120101 Morgan HallW 6p-7:30p1/27full57662 (lower)
59021 (upper)

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