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Spring 2016
Mechanical Engineering 98/198
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About the Course:

Offered through the Cal Archery Club, this course provides a fun and challenging experience for beginning archers.  As part of our Team Development Plan, the class takes you from basic technique to competitive shooting with fun discussions and games too! 

​ A majority of the time is spent at our archery field (the Golden Bear Softball Field at Clark Kerr) with several classroom sessions interspersed for rainy days.  

***Fellow students and archers who have taken the course and demonstrated thorough understanding of the material are also entitled and qualified to becoming future instructors and facilitators for the course. 

​ Location:  Golden Bear Softball Field.  Located right next to Clark Kerr just walk up Dwight Way.  As you head up the hill, Clark Kerr will pass on the right.  Just before the field (also on the right) stairs will lead down to a parking lot.  At the end of the lot another set of stairs will lead up to the field.

Class Time: Sunday 3:00-5:30pm

To use the archery equipment available for us from the Cal Archery Club, we ask for a equipment rental fee of $25 in the form of a check to UC Regents. This fee is waived if you join the Cal Archery Club.

How to Enroll:

Application period is now over. If you have not received an acceptance email, unfortunatel you were not accepted :( There was a very large demand and we had to turn away most people. The first day of class is Sunday, January 31st.


As this is a very popular decal with many applicants, we are only able to take a limited number of students every semester.


Enrollment policy: Please check your emails around the end of the first full week of school to find out if you were accepted.  Those who were accepted or on waitlist and don't show up the first day will be dropped.  The people on waitlist will then take the place of the dropped students.


We have a strict attendance policy.  You must attend the sessions, and you are only allowed a maximum of two absences.  If you cannot make the times listed, please consider another DeCal.


​Feel free to shoot us an email about any questions you might have.

Course Contact: quanhuynh96 AT


Faculty Sponsor: Benson Tongue

Time & Location:

Archery SessionQuan Huynh
35Golden Bear Softball FieldSun 3-5:30pm1/31full

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