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Learn to Play Bridge

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Spring 2016

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About the Course:

This course offers an introduction to the game, bridge! Bridge is a card game that relies on logic, strategy, and communication. It is played with a partner and encourages teamwork, while also enhancing one’s deductive reasoning skills. Students will learn the rules of the game along with basic bidding, declarer play, and defense. This game can then provide for a lifetime of learning and fun!

Much of this course is activity based, so participation is weighted heavily in the grade breakdown.  Classroom participation includes, but is not limited to: attendance, play of the pre-set deals, and completion of in-class activities.  Homework consists of a weekly worksheet on bidding and play.



How to Enroll:

The first ten people to email me at can reserve seats in the class! (**the first ten spots are filled!).The rest of enrollment will be determined by application after the first day of class. Attendance is mandatory for the first two classes in order to stay enrolled (even if you have reserved a spot).

Course Contact: ishathapa AT

Faculty Sponsor: Marcin Majda

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Isha Thapa
24247 dwinelleW 5p-6p2/03started

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