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Hunger Games: Mapping Panem

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Spring 2016
Landscape Architecture 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Course Objective

            In this course we will introduce the politics and the design elements that shape the society created by Suzan Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy. We will critically analyze the design behind the setting of the books while incorporating new ways of thinking about design in the real world. We will explore the concepts of mapping, utopianism and debate in architecture as well as decoding the politics that shape the conscious decisions made in this creative process. This journey would be based on discussions, lectures and activities that will require physical movement, for we will play a simulated Hunger Games. This class is an introduction to visual representation through the Hunger Games.

This Decal requires no prior knowledge of the books or experience with design, just the willingness of the student and consent of facilitators. Both, lectures and discussions will be part of our learning experience throughout the semester.

Key Learning Outcomes

1)       Having a better idea of designing according to prompts and sustainable challenges.

2)       Appreciating the text as of literary merit.

3)       Familiarizing with utopian politics and its historical contexts.

4)       Thinking of societies in context of social boundaries.

5)       Presenting ideas in a cohesive way, both orally and visually.

6)       Learning to collaborate with teammates on a challenge to succeed.

7)       Improving craftsmanship and developing.

8)       Understanding the elements of design, such as space, lighting, movement, reflection, figure/ground, void, contour, color, proportion, layering and perspective.



 Technology: Laptops, cell phones and other electronic devices will only be permitted under certain circumstances, specified in advance by the facilitators. Don’t panic, you will be having so much fun that your phone will seem boring! 

Absences:  Every student has 1 free absence, however, after using the free pass, for every absence 7% of overall grade will be reduced as well as the grade of presentation/ quiz/ assignment that is missed, unless the excuse is formally submitted to the facilitators before the class.

Tardiness: Please try to be on time and to remain for the entire duration of class. Being more than 10 minutes late for 5 times would be considered as an absence.

Reading Quizzes

 There is a quiz at the end of every book which will also include the additional readings to test how well the concepts were understood. These will be made up of quick 20 multiple choice questions and 1 bonus question for extra points.



Project 1: Part 1 (10%)

Design Panem with all 12 Districts

Project 1: Part 2 (20%)

Design your assigned district and write a 1½ -page essay on the politics of governance. Incorporate sustainable design elements necessary to maintain the district.

Final Project: (30%)

Design your own arena. Write a 700 words essay discussing your arena and the politics that were involved into making such arena. ex. what was the gamemaker’s main goal? Which audience did he want to attract? How will being in this arena relate to real historical events?

For a detailed weekly syllabus, including grading distribution, check the document at the end of this page! 


How to Enroll:

Meeting time: Wednesday 6-8 pm, Wurster, Room: 315C

Getting in the class: We will accept people on a first come, first served basis, but an application is required. Please find it here:

First day of class: February 3rd.


Course Contact: jncruzr AT

Faculty Sponsor: Chip Sullivan

Time & Location:

77th Hunger GamesJuan Cruz
Michaela Gallegos
Merve Heyfegil
35315C WursterW 6p-8p2/03started

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