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Greek Folk Dance DeCal

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Spring 2016
Comparative Literature
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About the Course:

The class will meet once a week to learn and practice a new dance. Every week we will focus on a different region of Greece, learn about the unique styling, costumes, music, food traditions of that region. We will then teach the entire class the dance which we will practice together. 

The class has two quizzes on the dances we will learn. During the quizzes we (the instructors) will demonstrate the dances we have learned and ask you to identify them. We will also ask you some major points we covered when learning the dances. 

At the end of the semester there is one final project, where you and your group will compose a presentation on anything in Greek culture. 

The attendance policy is that you cannot miss more than three classes to pass the class.


How to Enroll:

We will give out CCNs on the first day of class, February 4th. Make sure to attend.

Course Contact: marilena_c AT, aselberis AT

Faculty Sponsor: Maria Kotzamanidou

Time & Location:

General SectionMarilena Constantinou
Anastasia Selberis
2088 DwinelleTh 5p-7p2/04started

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