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Taiwanese DeCal

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Spring 2016
Asian Studies 98/198
1-2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

You will learn: 

- Taiwanese consonants, vowels and tones through a phonetic system

- Basic vocabulary and grammatical structure for conversations

- Slangs and sayings 

- Taiwanese culture including traditions, food, and holidays 

- Movies and videos will be shown with other complementary material to enhance the learning experience.

*Instructors may adjust class syllabus to students' interests

Course Material

Students must have a reader (purchased in class)

Grading policy

- Participation, attendance (maximum 2 absences, excused or unexcused. 2 tardies count as an absence. )

- Quizzes (don't fret, they won't be hard!)

- Cultural presentation and Final presentation

*For 2 units, you will have to make a cultural presentation.

Taiwanese DeCal Interns

Are you already familiar with the Taiwanese language? Apply to be an intern! Speak with the facilitators for more information.

How to Enroll:

Show up on the first day of class for enrollment information! If there are more students than our class capacity, we will enroll students according to the application given out on the first few days of class.

- If you are very sure you want to take the class, please bring $15 for the reader on the first days of class in order to receive a combination of CEC/CCN. The readers, however, will not be passed out until the third or fourth week, after we have confirmed the number of people enrolling. For students who would like to enroll in the Taiwanese DeCal after the deadline to "add course without a fee", readers will go up to $15 each since we will need to order extra readers. 

Please note that the reader fee is not refundable. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Course Contact: taiwanesedecal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Robert Berring

Time & Location:

BeginnerHsin-Yu Hsu
Shang-Hao Huang
30259 DwinelleTuTh 5p-6:30p1/28full
BeginnerHsin-Yu Hsu
Shang-Hao Huang
30215 DwinelleMW 5p-6:30p1/27full
IntermediateHsin-Yu Hsu
Shang-Hao Huang
30205 DwinelleMW 5p-6:30p1/27full

Uploaded Files:

Syllabus: Syllabus and Grading Policy.pdfJan 4425kbAdobe PDF (Viewer)View Download
Application: Intern Application Spring2016.docJan 2638kbWord Doc (Viewer)View Download
Course Material: Beginner reader preview.pdfJan 4204kbAdobe PDF (Viewer)View Download
Course Material: Intermediate reader preview.pdfJan 4263kbAdobe PDF (Viewer)View Download

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