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Spring 2016
SOC 98/198
3 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

FemSex challenges students by exposing them to diverse opinions and experiences different from their own.  It is our hope that individuals leave the class with a newfound sense of empowerment and a greater understanding of how power and privilege are expressed in the world around us.

Students in this class will be expected to learn about a wide range of topics, including: anatomy and physiology, the influence of social hierarchies in all aspects of life, sexual health, policing of afab* bodies, body image, contraception and STIs, reproductive choices, solo sex, partnered sex, orgasm, sex work, communication, consent, relationship styles, gender/sex based violence, and empowerment. This course aims at creating an atmosphere that facilitates students ability to learn about their bodies, explore their boundaries, desires, experiences and expand their understanding of power and privilege.

You are allowed two absences, with the third absence resulting in failure of the course (FemSex De­Cal Policy).  Three tardies equal one absence.  Any absences above two must be cleared through the facilitators and the faculty sponsor.There will be weekly assignments, as well as a weekly journal requirement (if you are uncomfortable with any assignment, alternate assignments are available). There will also be a final project, to be discussed at the end of the semester.  No late assignments will be accepted.

Passing this class is based on a combination of the following: attendance, journals, section assignments, midterm and final project, and overall class participation.  In order to pass this class, you cannot miss more than two journal entries, two assignments, and have more than two absences.  You also cannot miss our sections on Power and Privilege (Section D), Body Image (Section G), Gender Based Violence (Section M), and Empowerment (Section N).  You will get the most out of this class if you do everything assigned.

*assigned female at birth

How to Enroll:

You must attend an infosession and fill out an application to be considered for the course.  Infosession times will be posted here and on our facebook ( in the first week or so of classes.  In infosessions we'll just go over the syllabus and class contract and answer any quetsions you might have, and then you'll have time to fill out the applicaton then and there.  Email us if you have any questions!

Course Contact: femsexyfacs AT


Faculty Sponsor: Jill Bakehorn

Time & Location:

20TBAMW 6p-8p2/01started
20TBAMW 7p-9p2/01started
20TBAMW 6p-8p2/01started
20TBATuTh 6p-8p2/01started
20TBATuTh 7p-9p2/01started

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