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Anime - An Introduction to Japanese Visual Culture

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Spring 2016
COMPSCI 198-57
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

This course is designed to introduce you to Japanese anime/comic/game (ACG) culture: its genres, manifestations, and multitudinous impacts—in Japan and around the world, in modern society and throughout history.  We encourage you to think critically in your study of this modern cultural phenomenon, and to develop your own perspectives.  To introduce this subject to you as completely as possible, we will showcase representative works from a wide variety of different eras, genres, media, and studios to supplement your learning experience, and our discussions will be just as diverse.  We hope you have a good time on our journey through the vast and colourful world of anime! 

How to Enroll:

Come on the first day of class. (1/25)

Course Contact: calanimedecal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Josh Hug

Time & Location:

Section 1[?]
Jacky Zhao
4088 DwinelleM 5p-6:30pfull

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