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SwingCal: Learn to Swing Dance

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Spring 2016
Physical Education 98 / 198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Social dancing is a means of expression, creation, enjoyment, and gathering for communities.  A group of Cal students, originating from the on-campus group Lindy on Sproul, have come together to create a class that teaches you to swing dance and introduces you to the history and culture of social dancing.

We present a 13-week series introducing students to social swing dancing, with an emphasis on lindy hop.  The course includes both a Beginner I section for those new to social dancing and a Beginner II section for those who wish to further their previous dancing knowledge.  No dance partner is required.

How to Enroll:

Due to limited space, enrollment will be based on attendance of the first two classes and a short entrance questionnaire.

Come to the first class on Friday, January 29th in 234 Hearst Gymnasium from 6-8pm.  Fill out our online entrance questionnaire by 6pm Wednesday, February 3rd. If admitted, you will receive a CCN by e-mail the evening of Thursday, February 4th.  The entrance questionaire will be posted online after the first class.

Entrance Questionnaire Link:

Course Contact: swingcal AT


Faculty Sponsor: Jason Britton

Time & Location:

Beginner ISamantha Nguyen
Olivia Ortiz
30234 Hearst GymF 6p-8p1/29started
Beginner IISamantha Nguyen
Olivia Ortiz
20234 Hearst GymF 6p-8p1/29started

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