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Art Anatomy (2 units)

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Spring 2016
UGIS 98 / 198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Winners of the DeCal Program's DeCal50 Contest and a Sliver pizza party Fall 2015!! 

First day of class Spring 2016 will be Monday Feb 1st.


This course is designed to overlap the fields of art and medicine whether you have an interest in both, just one, or none. It is a creative stress reliever. Without reading textbooks or listening to long lectures, you will develop long-term understanding of the physiology of the human body, fine motor skills, and a creative output. If you are a science person, you will be working with familiar concepts to venture into a new area. If you are an art person, you will be working with familiar tools. Though, you do not need experience in either field to try this course! The wide range of this course allows students to improve their knowledge and expression in the ways they would most benefit from.

We will be drawing or using any of the multiple meduims provided (acrylic paint, pastels, charcoal, colored pencils, ink, water color, spray paint, etc) the body from the inside out: skeletons, muscles, nerves, organs, skin. We will finish the course with a final project. Students are free to take whole body approach or focus on a single bone or organ. While creating their chosen body part, they will also learn the physiology of it.

Final project: Students will connect their projects to their own passions. For example, during the bone section, a student with a passion for music could draw spinal nerves as the neck of a violin, or a student with a passion for old films could draw skeletons at the movies eating popcorn.

Check out unit and final projects form past semesters on the faceobook page! (link under course website)

Quotes from Students

"Executed very well! I like how we focus on one part of the body at a time. I get to learn about the human body and incorporate what I've learned in art. It goes at a prefereable pace, and I am encouraged to actually learn about anatomy."

"In the beginning, I was nervous and elighted to be able to use new mediums of expression and be creative on my own terms. Now, I am eager to reconcile the human anatomy with art because this perspective is liberating. As a young girl, I am used to aesthetic standards (many of which were created by men) being forced upon the female body. I've never really considered how the inner functions of the body could be related to aesthetics. Your decal gives me an opportunity to break convention and discover what I find beautiful about the human body by exploring anatomy and physiology." 

"The combination of art and medicine is revolutionary."

"I like that we are abole to be creative and incorporate our own hobbies/interests into our work. The studio time is a nice break from the academic grind. And I like the relaxed atmostphere. I can explore and experiment with art because it's something I usually don't do."

How to Enroll:

Email your name, (intended) major, year, and 100 words max about why you want to take the class. Acceptances are on a rolling bases. Once accepted, we will send you the CEC to go along with the CCN to enroll on telebears.

As of December 13th, 5 seats available.

Course Contact: email will be up next semester!


Time & Location:

Section 3Erin Kaya
Heather Ruiz
40EvansM 6:30p-8:30p1/25full

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