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Entrepreneurship Speaker Series

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Spring 2016
UGBA 98/198
1 Unit(s)



About the Course:


To help you succeed as an entrepreneur by helping you gain a broader perspective on the world of entrepreneurship by better understanding the struggles that every entrepreneur faces and the failures that are a part of every entrepreneurial journey. 


In addition, by understanding the strength it takes to be tenacious in the face of overwhelming odds, this class aims to lay stronger foundation for your future entrepreneurial success.  




The Entrepreneurship Speaker Series is a weekly speaker series that brings speakers from around the world to share their insights, struggles, challenges and lessons learned with aspiring entrepreneurs.


The speakers and homework will provide students with varying perspectives to entrepreneurship and give them real world insights to what it really takes to be an entrepreneur.

How to Enroll:

How to Enroll:

This application is how we choose the students who make it into the class. We’re interested in your background and why you want to take the class.

To enroll for the class email with the following information: 

Who are you? (Full Name, Class Standing, Student ID, email, ph #)

What are you studying? (Major/intended major) 

Why this class? 

Why you? (If there was one spot left in the class and we were choosing between you and another applicant, tell us why you should be the person in the class.)

Course Contact: mfeldman AT


Faculty Sponsor: Alan Ross

Time & Location:

Mackenzie Feldman
31Haas C325M 6p-7p1/25full

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