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Diamond's Anatomy Enrichment Program

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Spring 2016
IB 198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Anatomy Enrichment is an opportunity for students who loved taking Human Anatomy (IB 131 and/or IB 131) to share that knowledge with kids in 1st through 5th grade classrooms at local elementary schools like Malcolm X. 


Together we train a little in basic teaching skills, then teams of three or four students work together on a 2 day lesson plan that they will teach in the classroom. These range from build-your-own skeletons to huge functional digestive models that the kids can squeeze oatmeal down to conceptualize peristalsis. We practice our lesson plans, and then go out and teach! Each group has a teaching goal of 2 classrooms, a total of 4 trips out. 


It makes a huge difference in the education of these kids, and nothing is more rewarding than working with the teachers and watching the kids learn. If you want to make a positive impact on a couple classrooms full of kids, then this is the DeCal for you.

How to Enroll:


Interested students must have completed IB131 and/or IB 131 with an A or B and have a passion about anatomy, education, and giving back to our community!

You should be able to commit to 4 school visits, 1 hour each, during the elementary school day (8-3). 

In order to enroll, you must come to the first and second class.

Email me with any questions!

Course Contact: harold.chun AT

Faculty Sponsor: Thomas Carlson

Time & Location:

Section 1Harold Chun
Olivia Solomon
303070 VLSBTu 4p-6p1/26full

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