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Salsa Dance: History, Culture, and Practice

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Spring 2016
Sociology 98 / 198
1 Unit(s)



About the Course:

We're back! This is a very popular and very fun DeCal that's had a great reputation for years. We will teach you not just how to dance Salsa, but its historical significance and culture from which it came. Please join us for an exciting semester!Already taken our class once? Apply for our intermediate section this Spring!

Classes will consist of lectures regarding Salsa history, culture, etiquette, etc, some readings, and of course, how to dance Salsa. Assignments entail some written responses and a final project.

How to Enroll:

Enrollment for this Decal is based on an application. This is the link for the application:

We will process applications throughout that week, and email acceptances before the following Monday. Instructions will begin on February 2nd.

Please email us if you have any quesions, comments, or concerns.

Course Contact: salsaatcal AT


Faculty Sponsor: Mary Kelsey

Time & Location:

BeginnerAlejandro Castillejo
40166 BarrowsTu 7p-9pfull
Jose Ordonez
20166 BarrowsTu 7p-9pfull

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